Rehab of Achilles Tendon Rupture

Topics: Tendon, Muscle, Exercise Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: November 20, 2005
Phase 1-Acute Phase:
Immediately after the injury occurs, the individual needs to begin the basic steps of treatment. Although the steps seem minimal, they are crucial and must be administered. These steps consist of rest, ice, compression, elevation, and immobilization. In this injury you want to minimize the blood flow to the affected area. Resting reduces the risk of further injury. Ice should be applied 24 to 48 hours after the injury and will not only reduce swelling but any of the acute pain. Compression will reduce bleeding and reduce swelling, just as elevation will use gravity to reduce bleeding and reduce swelling by allowing fluids to flow away from the site of injury. There are many misconceptions about the way to apply ice, especially in this injury; it must be administered correctly. The proper way to apply the ice is for about 15 minutes every 2 hours. This will vary depending on the amount swelling; this can be reduced gradually over the next 24 hours. Do not however apply heat or deep message to the rupture in the initial immediate treatment. As soon as RICE has been finished, the injured needs to immobilize the tendon, lower leg. This is done so the injury will not worsen. As mentioned earlier the individual who ruptures their Achilles tendon should seek prompt medical treatment just as soon as RICE has been administered. When the individual sees a physician, they can confirm the diagnosis and determine whether an operation is the best idea or not. Usually the choice of surgery, is determined patient by patient. In this research paper I will explore the surgical treatment of an Achilles tendon rupture, which is described in the repair phase.

Phase 2- Repair Phase:
The goal of surgical repair of an Achilles tendon rupture is to restore tendon continuity and length to allow the patient to regain his or her functional and desired activity level. Surgical repair usually is a more reliable treatment method as it is less likely to re-rupture;...
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