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Over the course of the semester, I encountered several group assignments. I am glad for the opportunity to provide a group reflection and perspective of my teams functioning throughout the semester in addition to a self-reflection. I believe that our group was highly functional and successful at achieving it’s goals, our separate life cycle and mission allowed us to continue without progressing through the conflict and storming that are typical for true team growth.

My personal thoughts on my group experience both converge and detach in agreement and disagreement with that of the team’s as a whole. The reasons for the areas of disagreement are that which I explore as part of this personal reflection. In addition I will explore the experiences that were most engaging and that which left me with a lasting impression and thus are likely to impact my future work in groups and teams.

Areas of Disagreement. First, timekeeping was an issue that threatened our team’s cohesiveness. Our team met many times outside of the classroom during the semester, including on weekends. The timekeeping of several members was always an issue. I found myself getting angry several times after having waited thirty minutes for others. In addition, one meeting was cancelled without notice to me until I had already gotten to the meeting place. The group was divided on this issue and I believe we used humor and sarcasm to avoid the issue and proceed toward a successful completion of academic goals.

Another area of disagreement arouse out of the timeliness of completion of individual parts of team projects. Several times team member did not complete tasks by group determined deadlines. These failures were overlooked as the team kept focused on the larger objective. I don’t believe this dynamic would have been swept under the carpet as it was, had we not been moving toward a discrete end of the group’s work together.

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