Reflection paper 2

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 2 (1001 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Ashley Yocum
November 2, 2014
COM 252
Reflection paper #2
There are many situations in life that bring about strong emotions in me. Some of those situations would be preparing for and taking exams, working over, and situations dealing with my personal relationships. When being faced with a very tough quiz or exam I become very nervous and cannot think very clearly. I tend to shake and my nerves get the best of me. I feel as if I cannot study and it really causes me to have a harder time learning and remembering the material. To manage these emotions I have to really open my mind up and just get by myself and take a few deep breaths. I then am able to focus and read the material and go over it a few times to help me learn it. I feel that if the exam has a lot of material in it I tend to get more nervous than I do with just the short quizzes. This usual pattern is effective for me because I am able to calm down and really get into what I am studying so that the day of the exam I am better prepared. Another situation where I evoke strong emotions would be at work. There are times where I have to stay late hours over my schedule because many employees do not want to show up. This makes me very frustrated and causes my cognitive processes to be so unclear. I always have a set routine at work so this really messes with my schedule and alters what I need to get done such as school work and much needed studying. To manage these emotions I really have to breathe and think about why I am working and what is important about getting those hours. Thinking positively really helps me to get through the long aggravating hours and helps me better focus. I feel that this way is somewhat effective sometimes because I am able to get through and finish all tasks I am asked to complete no matter how aggravating. There are so many times when I am faced with situations involving my personal life, such as family issues, or even problems with financial issues. In times...

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