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Individual Critical and Reflective Self-Evaluative Paper

Course Evaluation;
I really enjoyed this course, as I knew I would. I love to debate!! I am a very opinionated person and I used to want to be a lawyer when I grew up just because I loved to argue so much (such a pleasure for my parents!). On the course with me were some other girls who had some strong opinions too which was really great because we had some good debates with some strong arguments and points! At the beginning of the course we voted on the topics we wanted for our debates, which meant that we would all be interested in most of the subjects we chose. Being all girls as well you can image some of the “banter” we had! Even though the class started at 9am, it was always easy to come in because of the group that we had in class; I think it makes such a difference when there is good energy in a work area, it makes it a lot more fun to be in. I enjoyed the class time, especially because the format was very relaxed. The lecture would be more of a discussion where we would talk about certain issues and elements relating to the course. It makes the class much more enjoyable and engaging rather than just listening to a teacher go on and on whilst the class sits there texting away on their phones.

Personal Evaluation;
Being such an emotional person I do find it hard to sometimes control my emotions and I find myself slightly riled up after morning debates! I am generally an emotional person and things get to me quite easily and I need to learn that in business, university and even sometimes my social life I need to just relax and breathe; its not the end of the world! Having been born and raised in London I like to think that I have a good grasp on the English language and have a good way of expressing myself which has definitely been a useful tool for the debate questions and reviews. I try to take on board the constructive criticism because we would all offer a lot of feedback and comments...
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