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I went into this assignment understand it completely understanding this assignment, there were parts that confused me a tad bit, such as the flow of the research paper. During my time in the library I used all of it to a great extent, printed out every information I needed and had a lot of success during the time in the LRC. I understood how to use the databases and how to receive the information I needed for my research paper, the databases that were provided were very useful and I do plan on using them in the near future. When finding sources that were helpful the databases were very helpful with that, I was able to read as I went, and comprehend everything I was reading with ease. The source cars were not difficult to note and write down I understood how to text note each type of source. The text notes were also very easy; if you understand the source cards you can do the text notes. Reading through my research and finding valuable information wasn’t hard due to the fact I knew a great deal about the person I was researching, also categorizing my work was in a way difficult due to the fact that everything was so spread out that you really had to narrow it down. Paraphrasing and analyzing my research wasn’t difficult, I understood how to put what was being said into a different view. The skeletal outline was a bit difficult I didn’t quite understand how to make the research paper flow, and go into each other with all the information I collected. The works cited page was easy as ever, as I said before if you can do a source card you can do a works cited page, completing the final draft was irritating due to the fact that most of my research got erased and thrown away and I had to use a totally different research paper for the topic in such short time, due to my procrastination disease. The text notes in my final draft was easy, giving credit where it’s due should always be a breeze.
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