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Case Study Discussion-Red Bull
Describe Red bull’s source of brand equity. Do these sources change depending on the market or country? (I)
(a)Definition-Red bull defined as a “functional energy drinks” in western markets, the beverage meant to be consumed for energy, not for enjoyment purpose. It be named “Red bull” make customer to associate about energy and power.(red color and bull). The version of content included: Caffeine, taurine, and glucurononolactone .(b)The properties claimed by Red Bull -Improved physical endurance

-Stimulates metabolism and helps eliminates waste substances. -improves overall feeling of well being
-Improves reaction speed and concentration
-Increases mental alertness.
(c)Product and packaging concept
-Flavor:Sweet and carbonated like a cola.
-Package:Came in a single package,a slender silver-and blue 250ml can. -Positioning-“Revitalizes body and mind” with an easy to grasp manager. The consumption would not be limited to certain occasion or activities. It’s a nutrition item and dancers and clubbers ,ravers , truck drivers are early adopter use to drink it. Customer may drink it day or night.

-Price: Pursued a premium pricing strategy and much more expensive than cola. (II)Yes, they change it for different market and different country. In Australia, it’s functional foods category, it’s new created category and not belong to any other food and drug categories. Also, when it entered a new market, targeted on “opinion leaders” included action sports athletes and entertainment celebrities. Besides, in different markets the company targeted in shops, clubs, bars and stores, this is different with the initial meaning of this beverage ”functional energy” only, it become a beverage to be offer by place, occasion and cool fashion drinks. We think they change the source of brand equity very flexible. Analyze Red bull’s marketing program in terms of how it contributes to the brands equity.Discuss the strength and weekness....
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