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Timeline for recruiting each position to include advertising methods and recruitment methods.
The timeline that I have given myself for these positions although ambitious I believe is attainable. The plan for recruitment will be with the career centers at each of the local schools that provide these job training and degree programs, Career as well as the local newspaper which also list their ads on The resumes will be required to have a cover letter detailing why our company should consider you for the job and your accolades that make you the best candidate for the job. By being so specific in the requirements for the cover letter, candidate will have an opportunity to boast about their personal achievements and detail any accomplishments thus, highlighting information in the resume. This will enable HR to then weed out the best ones after a comparison with the resume for the best candidates. Phone interviews will be the next step for candidates that have made it to that round followed up by skills test and in person interview (corporate, 2013).

In Florida you have two factors at work, the first is the aging workforce and the second is the increase in the aging population (staff, 2010). The emerging Healthcare changes are not really affected one way or the other in nursing shortages. They are forecasted to remain the same with or without the Healthcare changes that are on the rise. Given that this is a clinic with Doctors in the setting and 3 RN’s one of which will be leaving. The HR department plans to replace that RN with a Certified Medical Assistant. In the state of FL a CMA can do many of the assignments that RN’s are tasked with in a clinic setting (Staff, 2013). Since there are already two RN’s that will be on staff anything that falls outside the focus of a CMA can be tasked to one of the RN’s on duty. This will be money saving for the clinic as currently RN’s make substantially more money than CMA’s (SOFL,...
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