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Recruiting Customer Hotline Operator for a 5-star resort hotel in Macao

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MGMT 312
Human Resources Management
Term Project

Recruiting Customer Hotline Operator for a 5-star resort hotel in Macao

Collecting Job Analysis information: Interview
The information use as job analysis about the job duties and requirement are collected through interview job incumbents and supervisors. As long as to learn and understand the practices in reality and necessary human traits to that particular position. To form a structured interview with a checklist of questions that related to the requirements on performance and abilities to the groups of existing employee in the entire department as a group. At the same time, the supervisors within the same department have to be provided the knowledge from their understanding of the requiring position, as the sources for job analysis. Information collected for Job Analysis (interview checklist): What are the actual work activities of the job?

Employee working in this position is going to solve enquiries of our guest and potential clients. Dueling with complaints and transfer to related department according to the immediacy of such conditions, in order to establish intimate relationship between clients and out company and contribute to communication between departments and make concerted efforts. Collaborate with different department to accomplish the duty of alarming when special action assigned and provide emergency services and help in such saturation whenever possible. What are the human behaviors required in job?

Candidates must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable to work with all levels of people. Problem solving and dealing with complaints, familiar with polite language speaking. What kind of Machines, tools, equipment will use in job?

Simple PC operation and English and Chinese character processing. New operators are taught how to use the phone equipment, keep records of calls. Log book to record special cases that need to report to supervisor. What is the standard of job performance?

Quality output levels measures by fulfilling the greeting standard, feedback from customer and accomplishment of daily procedures. The physical working conditions and work schedule
Physical working condition is an opening office. 24-hours shift duty(include night shift duty) with 9 hour per day and 5 days per week including Sundays & Public Holidays. What are the job’s human requirements?

A high school diploma or its equivalent is the minimum requirement. Courses in speech, office practices provide a helpful background for persons interested in this occupation. Patience, courtesy and good verbal communications skills is need.

JOB TITLE:Customer Hotline Operator
EMPLOYMENT TERM:Full-Time (Permanent)
REPORTS TO:Customer Service OfficerSALARY:MOP 11000
JOB FAMILIES: House Keeping & ConciergeLOCATION:Macao
DEPARTMENT:Customer Service DATE:Nov 2012
The person in this position is responsible for handling incoming telephone enquiries and complaints in a courteous customer service manner, and execution of company policy and procedures. In addition, the individual in this position will be responsible for reporting customers’ feedback and discontentment observed in the assigned territory RESPONSIBILIIES AND DUTIES:

Handle customer service hotline and provide first level of support Listen, probe and question in order to clarify and understand customer needs and keep records of calls Remain up-to-date with the latest information that impacts the delivery of service to the customers and provide accurate information promptly to customers Resolve customer queries efficiently and escalate problems promptly Follow-up on outstanding cases perform call back to customers if necessary Work as a team and ensure the service level is met

Ad-hoc projects as assigned
Related work experience
Prior contact center or customer service experience preferred. One year of company experience in a customer service or sales function with broad knowledge of company policy and services is desirable. If new candidates have no related working experience, a 1 month on-the-job training will be provided. Formal education or equivalent

A high school diploma or its equivalent is required. Individuals with certification of any finished speech or office practices courses will have added advantage. Skills & Requirements
Customer-oriented with good interpersonal and communication skills Good command of English and Chinese; Putonghua is an advantage Proficiency in computer literacy (English and Traditional Chinese Character Processing) Highly adaptable to a fast-paced and dynamic environment

Patience and team spirit is needed
Possess a sense of urgency
Problem solver, independent, initiative and able to work under pressure PERSONAL PLANNING AND RECRUIMENT
Planning and Forecasting
In our 5-star hotel, we need totally 6 Customer Hotline Operators. And we divided them half and half into two groups. The working time for Group 1 is start in 9:00a.m to 5:00p.m. And group 2 is start at 2:00p.m to 10:00p.m. Then, we have one employee to working night shift, which is start at 10:00p.m to 9:00a.m. The working schedule will swop once a month. Night shift will turn to every customer hotline operators. In November 27, 2012, according to the Macau Statistics and Census Service, Macao’s unemployment rate in the period from August to October declined further to 1.9 percent. The figure was down by 0.1% point over the previous period of July to September 2012. The city’s total labor force was 353,300 in the period, with the labor force participation rate standing at 72.3%. Total employment reached 346,600, an increase of 2,400 over the previous period, the DSEC Figures indicated. It means that we can increase the percentage of employ the outland labor. In our recruitment, we expect more on the outside candidate because the salary for the customer hotline operator is in the bottom of the pyramid in the 5-star hotel. But we still sent the recruitment information to our staff, because it is equal to the internal and external candidates. Internal Candidate

We know the Customer Hotline Operators is not a very high technical job, but this job require a candidates who has a comprehensive knowledge about our hotel. Therefore, if our existing employees are interest in this position, we will give this opportunity to them to apply for it. Because they have a stronger commitment to the company and do not need much training and orientation required. It can help us to save time and money. Secondly it can increase employees’ morale, when the employee has the interest in the position and finally get the job; they must pay more heart on their new job. So it can improve their service quality. And we already knew the background and skill of the candidates. It means they can skip the feeling of maladjustment in the company. But it still has some disadvantage when we use this way as well. If the candidates failed in this recruitment, they will feel unhappy and become discontented. Maybe they will not pay attention in their current job and the quality will decrease. However, in this course of event, we can write an e-mail which includes the job recruitment information to send to all the staff in our hotel. On the other hand, we can design and create a poster, which have the job recruitment information, and put up in the employees’ canteen, staff bus and their office notice board. These two methods can help us to make sure the employees know we have job recruitment soon. External candidates

In this process, we have many different ways from outside. The one which is popular and effective is internet. We can put our recruitment information on our hotel official website, but it is not enough, because the candidates may not open our hotel official website as usual. However, we can cooperate with Macao local job website, for example, just like and Then, we can do some advertisements. We will put our information on the newspaper which is like Macau Daily and Journal Vakio. This is a good way to find our local candidates, because this two newspaper offices are famous in Macao. Also we could consign to employment agency as it is very efficient. It can fill a position opening quickly, do not need to spend a long time to get enough applicants. But we will need to pay to the employment agency. Advertisement draft sample:

Customer hotline operators who work in a 5-star resort hotel is needed on a twenty-four-hours basis work roster, included the holidays and weekends. Some of the customer hotline operators may need to work on the top calling period. During these periods, the work may become busy and stressful. Therefore, the customer hotline operators should be able to handle the case calmly and having the ability to working under stress. Testing

For the testing program, there are few items to fulfill the job requirements. First is to test their basic language level. Except the local language, it is better to understand the other languages, such as a candidate who writes the language skill in their curriculum vitae, he/she may be requires to having a test for writing or listening test. Moreover, the test will also having a test calls to make sure that the customer hotline operators is able to handling the different situation which may happen. The test using the different situational problems to test the communication skills, dealing behavior and the ability of work. Furthermore, the mentality of the candidate is also an important requirement. The psychoanalysis will evaluate by the psychologist. The psychology test is testing their ability of during the stress. For the physical examinations, the testing would like to arrange the candidate to having a general health check-up in order to reduce sick leave of the candidate. Background investigations and selection

The background investigations will use as the reference by the reference checks. It will use the references provided by the candidate form the application form and the reference should not over than 3 months in order to enhance the reliability of the reference. The reference will be ask through the telephone by the human resources department in order to prove the reliability of the candidate. Moreover, we will ask the open-end questions in order to make the background checks more useful. The reference record will keep by human resources department as a further reference and not for public. After the testing, the result of the testing is one of the important elements for selecting a particular candidate. The selection will fit in the EEO and create a fair job opportunities for all candidate. INTERVIEW

Since hotline operator will affect the first impression of the guests of the hotel, as we are a 5-star hotel in Macau; we hope that job seekers have the relevant knowledge and understanding of this position. During the interview, applicants need to answer behavioral, job-related and situational questions. Owing to this position requires independence and does not require face-to-face communication with the guests; appearance is not the first priority for consideration, we mainly focus on personal ability. On the other hand, mainland visitor is our main target market, so that language requirements will be relatively increased levels of Mandarin, we will prepare a mock speech or oral and the applicants need to read aloud with different languages in order to observe the language fluency, speech rate, articulate clarity, tone. In addition, for the sake of fairness, all applicants will be answering the same questions and it is a structured interview. During the interview, English will be used as basic language for communication and the interview format will be one on one. The reason is one on one interview will be easier for us to observe the performance of applicants. The whole interview will divided into 2 rounds and we are following this processing as below: Round 1

Each applicant will have 2 minutes to introduce themselves
Read aloud the mock speech with different languages
Test the applicants to see if they can communicate with customer in a polite tone and observe their language fluency, speech rate and articulate clarity. Behavioral Questions
Based on your past work experience, what is the most significant action you have ever taken to help your colleagues? When your supervisor and you do not have consensus on the requirements of a project, what will you do? Those questions can let us know their social intercourse skills and to see if they will bring up their own opinions actively. Job-related Questions

Can you talk about what kind of skills you will use when you handling the complaints? In order to be a competent hotline operator, what elements are most important? Those questions are to test them how much they know and how they think about this job. Round 2

Situational Questions
Suppose your give the wrong answer to customer and you do not have the information about this customs, what will you do? If the guest asks some questions which are not included our range of service, how will you answer? Those questions are to show what skills they will use when they are handling some situations which is out of their control. Stress Questions will not be used since face to face interaction will happen in low frequency and though the situational questions can observe the responds and reaction of applicants. ORIENTATION FOR NEW EMPLOYEES

Before the new employee arrives, a set of orientation programs is designed and the employee will be invited to join the programs. The objectives of these programs are first to welcome the employee for joining the company. Then make him prepared in the upcoming job by immediately adapting to the new workplace and knowing the daily duties. Finally provide necessary supports to the employee whenever he need. The programs will take place a week before the employee starts the job. The following table is the schedule of the programs, as well as the places and the duration of time Programs

Duration of time
Lunch with co-workers
A restaurant outside the workplace
About 2 hours
Office Tour
Inside the office
Half to 1 hour
(Reviewing employee hand book and Goals, Job Expectations and Daily Routine) Conference room
About 2 hours
Lunch with co-workers
New employees will be invited to enjoy a lunch outside of the company with a group of high-performing co-workers. This is a more relaxed way to meet colleagues then directly introduce them in the office. They are able to talk about the skill and experience of the job and things about the company. In this way, new employees are able to learn more about the company, discus the company culture and feel free to ask any related questions during the meal. Office Tour

New employees will then be taken on a tour of the office, as they need to adapt to their new workplace immediately. Introduce to other co-workers that the new employees have not seen during the lunch. Show them the essential location of different departments and facilities such as bathrooms, break room and the canteen. Therefore they can be familiar to the new workplace before they start their job. Review Employee Handbook

An employee handbook contains a company’s rules and regulations. It also covers information on employee benefit, pay dates, paid-breaks, related employment laws and other regulations. Manager is better to highlight the most important parts of the handbook and explain to the new employees. Have them read it during the first week and ask the manager further question if they need to. Provide a signature page to the employee so to prove that they have read it. Review Goals, Job Expectations and Daily Routine

In order for the new employees to achieve the goals of the company with optimal levels of productivity and efficiency, these goals must be first presented to them and discuss about how they fit with their job expectations and needs of the company. Provide opportunities for the employees to ask questions and explain further if they needed to.

The following table is the range of monthly salaries for customer service department in Singapore based on a job searching website – Position
Range (MOP$)
22750 ~ 31000
Senior Executive
13500 ~ 19500
Junior Executive
11700 ~ 15600
Fresh/ Entry Level
10000 ~ 13000
As the amount of monthly salary of the employee in our company is set based on the current market price, the above table is one of the references to set the salary. According to an interview with a staff working in customer service department of one of the 5-stars hotels in Macau, the highest amount of monthly salary for the position of entry level in Macau is MOP$12000. Based on these two references, the monthly salary will be set as MOP$12000 for our company. It is because our company requires a high quality of service, and has to follow a set of strict rules and regulations. This is the reason that the monthly salary is set to be the highest in Macau’s market. It is found out that some of the hotels in Macau, they will set the amount of salary to be lower and provide more benefits and services in exchange. In this case, our company will not lower the amount of salary. At the same time, provide the suitable benefits and services to the employee as to attract more applicants to apply for the job. INCENTIVES

The incentives will depend on their working performance and base on the employee's appraisal record. We would like to set up short-term incentives for the employee in order to motivate their sense of working. For whom working individually, we would like to reward the monthly-employee-star. It will use 1 to 5 rating score to evaluate. The score of each employee will accumulate until the year end. If the employee gets a high score on each month, they will receive 3% incentives on monthly salary. For those who get the higher score and having a good performance on their working attitude, the employee may have an opportunity to be a manager. Furthermore, for the team working, it also will conduct the 1 to 5 rating scale. It also will conduct monthly and accumulate the score until the year end. If the team doing well, they will get the 8% incentives on their monthly salary and being give the administrative right to manage the other team as the annual bonus policy. BENEFITS AND SERVICES

Supplemental pay
Sick leave and other justified absences
The types of justified absences will base on the Labor Relations Law of Macau which states in Article 50 part 2 (see appendix 1). Also according to Article 53 part 1, absence is not remunerable. However our company will provide paid sick leave of no more than 3 days a month. Sick leave exceeds the quota of 3 days will be treated as unpaid leaves. This can help the employees to recover themselves from illnesses by taking a rest instead of work. Holidays

Employees can enjoy a continuously 24-hour paid weekly rest according to Labor Relations Law of Macau Article 42. The date of weekly rest will be set a week before by the employer. Employees have the right to have paid day-off during the mandatory holidays that states in Article 44 (see appendix 2). However if the company does not have enough staffs to operate, the employee will be forced to work at the holidays. After that the employees have the right to choose a double basic remuneration and one-day paid leave within 30 days or a triple basic remuneration. Employee who works for more than a year will have the right to enjoy 12 days of paid annual leave. For the one who work for more than 3 months but less than 1 year will be having a one-day annual leave after each month they worked. Annual leave is required to be used within a year or else it will be void. Parental leave

Female employee has the right to enjoy 56 days of parental leave for reason of childbirth. Of the 56 days, 49 days must enjoy immediately after the childbirth. The employee has the right to decide for the rest of the leaves whether they want to enjoy it before or after the childbirth. The female employee who has worked for more than 1 year at the day of the confinement will have the basic remuneration of the whole parental leave. The female employee who has just worked for 1 year during the parental leave, she would have the basic remuneration for the period of parental leaves after the completing of one year’s service. Severance pay

According to the Labor Relations Law Article 69 & 70 (See Appendix 3), rescission on the initiative of the employer can be with just cause and without just cause. When the employee is terminated with just cause, the employer need not pay any compensation. When the employee is terminated without just cause, the employer should pay the compensation in different amount based on the duration of the labor relationship according to Article 70 (see appendix 4). Insurance benefits

Hospitalization, Health, and Disability Insurance
The employer will buy medical insurance and life insurance for each employee. The amount of fee of off-the-job accidents and illnesses can be claimed within a quota given by the insurance company. Also it allows for peace of mind. If someone dies unfortunately, their families will have the financial support by the insurance company. Retirement benefits

Social Security Funds
It is divided into mandatory and non-mandatory. For the mandatory social security funds, employer needs to pay for MOP$30 and employee needs to pay for MOP$15 in a total of MOP$45 each month. The non-mandatory one will be taking 5% of the monthly salary of the employee; the employer will also deposit the same amount. The employee will be able to get back the full amount of money when he retires. Other benefits

Scooter Parking
Parking slots of scooter will be provided for the employees. They are limited and first come first serves. Shutter bus
Shutter bus is provided for the employees to go to the hotel and different destination. It is available when the frequency of buses decreases. There will be a number of routes going between different destinations and the hotel. Academic Training

Employees are given opportunities to pursue further education related to their careers for free. Our company will cooperate with the local educational center and institute like Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT) and provide related courses for the employee who is interested. Our company will pay for the fees and costs of the courses. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL

The chosen performance appraisal method is the Graphic Rating and Performance rating scale. As the job duties and responsibilities of the position is very clear list out from the job description, besides there are clearly clarified how to behave in work could achieve in expected standard of performance. On the other hand, the rating of the scale could probably support in the measuring of performance standard of individual and the department, collaborate to the incentive policy of recognition program and annual bonus. The graphic rating form

The appraisal form will firstly be filled in by embody the job responsibilities and duties and the results of working like “responding to customer enquiries promptly”, “finish daily working schedule”, “report and handle complain”,etc. Then looking into the scale rating, there would be scaled from 1 to 5 refer to the level of performance, “poor”, “fair”, “good”, “very good”, and “excellent”. The scale rating contain requirements such as, “Communication – straightforward to the enquirers with clear information”, “Greeting standard – strict in the language that using in interaction with enquirers”, “Team spirit – working as a team to achieve the department goal”, “Comprehensiveness of reports”, “Attendance”,etc. Performance Management and Criticism

The supervisor of the department will do the appraising and pick up records of call of each employee randomly, the report submitted and the attendance record will also take as reference too. Moreover, the appraisal will conduct monthly and yearly when there is the need of recognition program and annual bonus program. Surely, the appraisal result will also help in management of performance since it will accumulate and continually measuring. If the result is not meeting the expectation, supervisor have to take care of such individual and criticize in a respectful manner and try to understand the situation see if the individual is being in any trouble or need any kind of help and support, and there is chance for him/her to make improvement. After understanding the situation, if the individual is not facing any problem or in case just behaving badly in bot manner and performance or any serious mistakes happened, supervisor could considered to deliver written warning in order to shake the employee out of bad habits and try to prevent such case happen again through delivering criticism.

Appendix 1 – Labor Relations Law Article 50
Article 50
Types of absences
1. Absences may be justified or unjustified.
2. The following are considered justified absences:
1) Three consecutive working days for the death of the employee’s spouse or parent or a relative in direct line within the first degree of consanguinity; 2) Six consecutive working days for marriage;

3) Two working days for reasons of paternity or adoption;
4) Twelve working days for the father if the mother dies in childbirth or during the maternity leave; 5) Due to pressing need to provide assistance to a member of his household, subject to a maximum of twelve working days per calendar year; 6) Due to occupational accident or disease;

7) Due to accident or sickness, subject to a maximum of thirty consecutive days or forty-five nonconsecutive days for each calendar year; 8) A maximum of three months for disease related to pregnancy, confinement or involuntary abortion; 9) For reasons outside the employee’s control, in particular, reasons of force majeure or complying with legal obligations; 10) For participation in work-related examinations on his/her own initiative; 11) Other absences approved by the employer in advance or subsequently; 12) Due to other circumstances defined by law as appropriate. 3. All periods of absence not provided for in the preceding paragraph shall be considered as unjustified absences. 4. The periods of unjustified absence shall not be counted towards the length of service of the employee.

Appendix 2 –Labor Relations Law Article 44
(Abstract of Labor Relations Law)
Article 44
1. Mandatory holidays are as follows:
1) January 1;
2) Lunar New Year (the first, second and third day of the first month of the Lunar Year); 3) Cheng Ming Festival;
4) May 1;
5) The day after the Mid Autumn Festival;
6) October 1;
7) Chong Yeong Festival;
8) December 20.
2. The employee shall be permitted to suspend the performance of work on mandatory holidays, without loss of basic remuneration. 3. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the employee whose payment is determined by the actual time worked or by the actual output, shall be entitled to a day’s basic remuneration calculated, respectively, pursuant to subparagraphs 2) and 3) of paragraph 1 of Article 61

Appendix 3 – Labor Relations Law Article 69
(Abstract of Labor Relations Law)
Article 69
Rescission with just cause on the initiative of the employer 1. In the case of rescission of the contract with just cause, the employer must give the employee written notice of the decision to rescind the labour relation within thirty days after knowledge of the relevant fact, summarily describing the facts imputable to the employee. 2. The following facts, among others, are considered just cause for the employer to rescind the contract: 1) Willful disobedience to orders given by superiors;

2) Repeated lack of commitment in fulfilling duties inherent in the exercise of the employee’s functions; 3) Chronic tardiness, leaving early or abandoning work during the working hours without authorization; 4) Unjustified absences from work causing directly serious harm to the enterprise or, irrespective of any harm, when the number of unjustified absences is greater than three consecutive days or five separate days in each year; 5) False statements regarding the justification of absences; 6) Abnormal reduced productivity intentionally caused by the employee; 7) Repeated provocation of disputes with other employees of the enterprise; 8) Acts of physical violence, insult or other abuse punishable under law directed at the employer, superiors or other employees of the enterprise; 9) Severe harm to the enterprise’s interests;

10) Violation of regulations on occupational hygiene and safety. 3. When there is just cause, the employer need not pay any compensation for rescinding the contract. 4. The lack of written notice referred to in paragraph 1 or lack of grounds in the just cause invoked shall be considered rescission of the labour relation without just cause, in which case the employee shall be entitled to compensation twice the amount provided for in the following article.

Appendix 4 – Labor Relations Law Article 70
(Abstract of Labor Relations Law)
Article 70
Rescission without just cause on the initiative of the employer 1. The employer may rescind the contract at any time, irrespective of just cause, in which case the employee is entitled to a compensation for an amount equivalent to: 1) Seven days of the basic remuneration if the labour relation has duration above the probationary period and up to one year; 2) Ten days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration above one year and up to three years; 3) Thirteen days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration above three years and up to five years; 4) Fifteen days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration above five years and up to seven years; 5) Sixteen days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration above seven years and up to eight years; 6) Seventeen days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration above eight years and up to nine years; 7) Eighteen days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration above nine years and up to ten years; 8) Twenty days of the basic remuneration per year of service if the labour relation has duration of more than ten years. 2. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the length of service of the employee in the calendar year in which the labour relation is terminated shall be calculated by months, in the proportion of one twelfth for each month or period of less than a month but more than fifteen days. 3. The maximum amount of compensation referred to in paragraph 1 is limited to twelve times the basic remuneration of the employee in the month of the termination of the contract, irrespective of the duration of the labour relation. 4. For the purposes of paragraphs 1 and 3, the maximum amount of the basic monthly remuneration used to calculate the compensation is $ 14 000.00 (fourteen thousand patacas), adjusted according to economic development unless a higher value has been agreed upon between the employer and the employee. 5. In the event of rescission of a fixed term contract without just cause by the employer before the expiry of the contract’s term, the employer is obliged to pay the employee a compensation calculated according to the period between the date of the rescission and the expiry date of the contract mutually agreed upon, equivalent to three days of the basic remuneration for each month or period of less than a month. 6. In the event of rescission of contract without just cause by the employer within two years after notifying the Labour Affairs Bureau the agreement on reducing the basic remuneration pursuant to paragraph 5 of Article 59, the compensation pursuant to paragraph 1 of this article and paragraph 4 of Article 72 shall be calculated according to the basic remuneration earned by the employee before the conclusion of the aforementioned agreement.

State University.(n.d.) Career Telephone Operator Job Description, Career as a Telephone Operator, Salary, Employment - Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job. Retrieved from DSAJ (n.d.). Labor Relations Law. Retrieved from Forbes (n.d.). 13 Types of Insurance a Small Business Owner Should Have. Retrieved from (n.d.). The monthly salaries of Customer Service. Retrieved from The Regional Office of Swiss Hotel Tourism Management School. (n.d.) Retrieved from Access Personnel Jobs. (2012). Retrieved from Heathfield, S.M. (n.d.). About Human Resources. Retrieved from Hong Kong JobsDB. (n.d.) Retrieved from Retrieved from Brookins, M. (n.d.). Example of an Orientation Program for New Employees. Demand Media. Retrieved from

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