Records Management

Topics: Records management, Qualitative research, Sampling Pages: 12 (3621 words) Published: August 4, 2012
1.1 Background of the problem4
1.2 Statement of the problem5
1.3 Objective of the study5
1.4 Research questions6
1.5.1 The Government6
1.5.2 Researchers6
1.6 Scope of the study7
1.7 Limitation of the study7
1.7.1 Fund7
1.7.2 Researchers reluctance8
1.8 Definition of terms8
3.2 Descriptive design13
3.3 Time for research13
3.4 Area of the study14
3.6 Sample size14
3.7.1 Sampling15
3.8.2 Questionnaires17
3.8.3 Observation18
3.8.5 Documentation18

1.1 Background of the problem
Tanzania’s public service reform has a long and distinguished history. At the time of independence, the emerging nation of Tanganyika inherited a public service designed to serve its colonial roots. The upper end of the public service was dominated by non- Africans; there were few African doctors, managers, and professionals. The size of government was small, with a focus on providing services to the colonial population. Reform, therefore, entailed the building of institutional and human resource capacity to respond to the needs of the new nation. Tanzania record management started in the colonialism period whereby almost all the public services were under the colonialist, after the independence the government of Tanzania started running all the public sectors, most of the public sectors record management systems were inherited from the colonial administration. The government of Tanzania realizes that there is a need for reforming the administration systems in the public sectors. The reformations of administration systems lead to the introduction of various methods, policies and programs to support and improve the records management in public services. These Public Service Reform Program was introduced so as they can address the problems of oversized, inefficient, ill-equipped, grossly under paid, demoralized, un-motivated, uncommitted and unresponsive public service that mere products of the, state lawlessness, corruption and mismanagement, lack of funds, old and falling infrastructures, lack of staff and appropriate training, governments moving towards E-governance. Public Service Reform Program in Tanzania (PSRP) has been trying to improve records management in the Tanzania public service. The registries have been refurbished and equipped, records staff have been trained and records users sensitized, records management manuals have been prepared and a records consultancy unit was established in the ministry of public service to provide consultancy services to all government departments. Above all the Government enacted the National Records and Achieves Act in 2002, as a law to enforce and government records management practices in Tanzania. 1.2 Statement of the problem

Tanzania government and its development partners such as World Bank, British council initiated various ways to improve and solve the problems of records management system in public services by introducing methods, policy and program, these were known as reformations. The reformations lead to the introduction to what is called Public Service Reform Program in Tanzania (PSRP) this was introduced so as to support records management systems in public services, this program has the impact to the records management system in public services such as, introduction of electrical records managements, increase staffs knowledge, salaries and working environment but still there is a lot of problems in records management systems in public services which are poor, files misplacement, time consuming (time inefficiencies), increase of unnecessary costs, mis-information, wasted financial resources, legal liabilities, poor decision making as a result of incomplete or mis-information, loss of employment, shortage of staffs, poor...

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