Expenses of Ofws

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Future Generation Philippine International School
Bldg. No. 223-225, Al Baljourashi St., Suleimaniah District
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(A Research Proposal)

In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements in Research in Research Methodology

Agupitan, Kristofferzhen A.
Grade 9 – Descartes
Tr. Melanie C. Dubiao

Table of Contents
I. Chapter I the Problem: Rationale and the Background of the study4 1.1 Background of the Study4
1.2 Statement of the Problem6
1.3 Null hypothesis6
1.4 Conceptual Framework6
1.5 Assumptions7
1.6 Significance of the Study7
1.7 Scope and Delimitation of the Study7
1.8 Definition of Terms7
II. Chapter II Review of Related Literature8
2.1 Review Literature8
2.1.1 Definition of OFWs8
2.1.2 Population of OFWs9
2.1.3 Definition of Family Expenses10
2.1.2 Different Types of Expenses12
2.2 Related Studies14
2.2.1 Previous Studies of Family Expenses or Budget 14

III. Chapter II Methodology16
3.1 Research Design16
3.2 Determination of Sample Size16
3.3 Sampling Design and Technique16
3.4 The Subjects17
3.5 The Research Instrument17
3.6 Data Gathering Procedure17
3.7 Data Processing Method18

I. Chapter I The Problem : Rationale and the Background of the Study 2.1 Background of the Study

Half of the Filipinos in the Philippines go abroad for many reasons especially for the ones who have families. Some Filipino citizens go abroad for money, better jobs and life. We would like to know who get the better salaries and jobs. Are those people who are professional or not. According to confirmed sources there are estimated 11 million Filipinos working around the globe with highest number of almost 2.8 million in US, around 1.5 million in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in hundreds of the other countries. These 11 million makes almost 11% of the total population and contribute around 10 billion dollars every year in Philippines economy which makes 15% of total GDP. In 2009, the amount of $17.348 billion was sent to the Philippines by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), highest among prior years in which Saudi OFW(s) contributed 1.4 billion dollars.

There are many types of jobs in Saudi Arabia that OFWs can apply. But are the salaries of their jobs high or low, especially for the people that have professional jobs. How about the non professionals are their salaries high or not. OFWs send remittances for their families, how much do they usually spend on those? One of the issues a potential expatriate wanting to work in Saudi Arabia should know is the cost of living in the kingdom and the savings he would be making as an expatriate.Bread is usually quite cheap, though recently the cost of rice has increased by about 20%. Fuel is also very affordable and is currently around SR0.47 a liter. The only worrying thing is the cost of housing, which is going up exponentially. Due to the limited number of such compounds, the rents have gone up tremendously. Most of the companies which used to bear the housing of such expats have now changed their policy to paying house rent allowances instead, to offload their burden. A typical double room apartment for a family, which used to cost SR12000 a year now costs anywhere between SR15000 to SR18000 a year. For those who get housing allowances from their companies, this will put a big hole in their pocket.

There are several instances of people who had occupied senior positions in their own countries who had been total failures after coming to the kingdom. The reason is not far to seek. Human tendency is to resist change.

2.2 Statement of the Problem
This research proposal aims to know the expenses of the OFW’s in Riyadh, KSA. Specifically it aims to answer the following questions: * What are the expenses of OFW’s in Riyadh, KSA?
* Which professional job in Riyadh has the higher salary than the non-professionals? * What are the reasons...
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