Reason of Commercial Success of the Hunger Games

Topics: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, App Store Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The screen adaption of Suzanne Collins novel ‘Hunger Games’ was a major commercial success, according to the IMDb (2012) the movie has with an estimated budget of $78 million managed to generate more than $670 million. When thinking of the factors, that significantly shaped the success of the film project the already established reader ship and fan base of the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise has to be taken into account. The first book of the Hunger games trilogy was published in 2008 and is even in 2012, alongside with 50 Shades of Grey, the best-selling book of the year so far (Habash, 2012). According to Forbes (2012), The Hunger Games book trilogy managed to outperform the Harry Potter series in terms of sales, which is an incredible achievement given the fact, that the Harry Potter series has got four more books. With evidently having a lower readership than the Hunger Games the Harry Potter brand has administered to produce eight prosperous Hollywood blockbusters, which successively generated more profit (IMDb, 2012). As pointed out by the CNN (2012), the success of the Hunger Games film is a milestone in the development of the Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation, who produced the box-office attraction. Lionsgate hope with the popularity of the upcoming Hunger Games sequels to become one of the major film studios. However, they received criticism for Kick-Ass for example, who didn’t perform as well as predicted in the US (Financial Times, 2012) and their recent most popular films on the box office have been The Expendables ($274 million) and The Expendables 2 ($312 million) (IMDb, 2012). The importance in the film market of advertising online and through social networks has been ascertained by Keynote in (2009) and is significantly relevant to the key factors of the success of The Hunger Games films. Lionsgate aimed to involve the fans heavily through online activities and interactions such as “Fan Fridays” and specific Hunger Games communities. They also made...
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