Reaserch on Stress Coping Mechanisms in Youth

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A word which we consistently heard and feared from the day we thought of doing management studies is “STRESS”. Management studies have been perceived as a hectic and stressful course from the inception of the same. Every individual has his own methods for coping up with the stress; like playing games, working out in gym, listening to music, doing yoga, chatting with friends etc.

This is a topic which any management studies student can easily relate. After experiencing the taste of stress in management studies, we decided to do a research on stress coping mechanisms among youth, especially among PGDM students. The finding of this research is based on the responses which were taken from the PGDM Students of Xavier Institute of Management and entrepreneurship, Bangalore. A PGDM student has to go through different types of stress in his every day, from deadlines on assignments, presentations, exams, relationships, placement etc.

The word “stress‟ is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a state of affair involving demand of physical or mental energy”.A condition or circumstances which can distribute the normal physical and mental health of an individual. Stress is the tension and pressure that result when an individual views situations which present a demand that threatens to exceed his or her capabilities or resources. In stress uncertainty over the outcomes and outcomes must be important are the two important issue which must be satisfied. If an average student wants to qualify exam with distinction, it means there is an uncertainty about outcome but it will be important for that particular student. Lastly, potential stress of that student becomes actual stress. Stress management is important for all human being without stress an individual cannot survive. Post graduate management students need to perform well in their studies as well as personal life, which create stress among postgraduate students. But, if these stresses become extreme it can be destroy the academic and personal life of students. It can harm happiness, health, academic performance, group activity &co-operation, associations with others and personal development. Some form of stress can be good for us, but other types of stress disorders can cause major health problems and even be life threatening.

1.1 The stress can be classified in to four categories:

Stress is not always harmful to individual; eustress is a positive and helpful type of stress. When an individual want to exert some physical force, they felt some kind of stress which called eustress. It prepare the whole body for the strength needed for whatever is about to occur.

Distress is the negative the stress that the mind and body undergoes when the normal routine is constantly adjusted and altered. The mind is not comfortable with this routine, and craves the familiarity of a common routine. There are actually two types of distress acute stress (it comes immediately with a change of routine. It is an intense type of stress, but it passes quickly) and chronic stress (It will occur if there is a constant change of routine for week after week. Chronic stress affects the body for a long period of time).

Hyper Stress is the type of negative stress that comes when a person is forced to undertake more than he/she can take. More challenging college environment create hyper stress among students.
Hypo Stress is the final of the four types of stress is hypo stress. Hypo stress stands in direct opposite to hyper stress. That is because hypo stress is the right type of stress experienced by a person who is constantly bored while doing the same task like making assignment which was based on theoretical concept.

1.2 Stress coping mechanisms:

1.2.1 Music
Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially...
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