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Topics: Economy, Economics, Unemployment Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Topic: How does traveling influence a country.

Traveling is human need when their physical life is better, nowadays. And traveling is considered an important economic sector of many countries around the world, including VietNam. Traveling solve a part of unemployment, increase economic profit and contributed to introduce the country and people of Vietnam.

First of all, traveling increase economic profit. Direct contribution of traveling in Vietnam 2010 GDP is 73,800 billion VND (equivalent to nearly 4 billion dollars). That is a number not small at all. So tourism is considered smokeless industry is more profitable.

In addition, traveling solve a part of unemployment. According to World Tourism and Travel Council, in Vietnam, employees directly involved in the tourism sector is 1.397 million people, about 3% of the total national labor. Thus one large labor is not unemployed, save some pressure for the government.

Finally, traveling contributed to introduce the country and people of Vietnam. When more people travel to Vietnam, they will realize that Vietnam is a country with many beautiful sign and safety. Then, they’ll introduce Vietnam to their friend, their relatives…., and the more people will travel to Vietnam.

In short, solving a part of unemployment, increasing economic profit and contributing to introduce the country and people of Vietnam are three reason of the impact of traveling. So we should invest more for travelling to boost economy.

Topic: what are some factor causing stress and how to cope with stress.

Today, society is growing, and more and more workload. And human usually face stress. There are many causes of stress such as continuous working, environmental pollution. So we should take measures to cope with stress as regular exercise, participate in one of the entertainment activities.

Continuous working is a major cause of stress. Works which have the specific characteristics require employees...
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