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RUNNING HEAD: Reality Television, why?

Reality Television, why do we watch these shows?

Norma Gallegos


Allorah Wyman

Feb 4, 2013

Reality Television
As a child growing up watching television wasn’t something we would watch to keep up with someone’s personal life or their family’s life but we seem to be drawn to theses shows. Now days it seems like more than half the shows on television are reality shows and the days of watching sitcoms and movies are almost long gone. What kind of values are theses shows putting out there if any? So in this paper I will talk about what is a reality show, are they real, why we seem to be watching more of theses shows and what values or morals are theses shows putting out there.
During the 1980s to the 1990s reality television started to take shape with MTV’s launch of the music video “Video Killed the radio show” and the genre moved into mainstay status in the 2000s (Chronology. (2010). CQ Researcher, 20(29), 68) and know there seems to be a reality show about everything and anything from finding a husband to being a young mom.
A reality show is a show that typically follows a group of people on a daily basics to tell their story or stories depending on how many people are in the show. Some other kinds of reality shows are games shows like “The biggest looser” and “American Idol” which are shows that follow the participants but the difference is that at the end of the show someone wins something. Reality shows seem to be a magnet for younger viewers, the reality genre appeals to younger viewers because many of the shows participants are in their age group (Battaglio, S. (2003, Jul 14).
Most of these “Reality shows”

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