Real Life Is Un Retouched

Topics: Graphic design, The Reader, Advertising Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Real Life is “Unretouched”
When evaluating an advertisement in a magazine, many factors must be taken into account. What magazine is this ad in? What is the overall effect of the ad? Does the image immediately draw attention to the reader? Who is the target audience for the particular ad? All of these factors add up and make the ad’s effectiveness and appeal to the reader. The advertisement that I have chosen to evaluate contains a clear message to women about the makeup brand “Make Up For Ever”. The picture of the model who is wearing Make Up For Ever has not been photo shopped, edited by any photo editing software, and has not been retouched. Women around the world feel as if they are expected to be perfect in all sorts of ways and to look like the airbrushed and photo shopped models that are in magazines. In reality, no one is perfect, but this Make Up For Ever ad portrays strong visual communication that anyone can achieve this flawless look with their makeup brand because this photo has not been retouched. While flipping through the March 2013 edition of Vogue magazine, I immediately stopped at this advertisement. The ad caught my eye from the big bold “Make Up For Ever” logo text at the top of the page. The model, who is absolutely flawless, grabbed attention from the moment I set eyes on her. The reason being is because her photo stands out from the stark black background that she is in front of. After the reader gets instantly drawn in from the photo of the model, the most effective part of the advertisement is the text that says “real life is unretouched, just like this ad”. That simple sentence is the only ammunition Make Up For Ever needs to reel in their readers to successfully sell their product. The ad is not cluttered, but perfectly laid out enough where the reader’s eyes go straight to the main point of the ad- the model’s skin. The target audience for this makeup advertisement is obviously going to be females who want to...
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