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Topics: Literature, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: May 24, 2014

I.  Fiction
A. From my experiences reading novels, dramas, poetry, and short stories, I think the purpose of fiction is to entertain; to provoke thought. I think students study fiction because it is very entertaining, and can teach many different lessons. People read fiction stories because it lets them get lost in a story that’s not theirs. I believe people tell stories to express their imagination and thoughts. B. A “take away” value I have learned from this concentration on fiction would be many life lessons. I feel like the fiction stories we read in school relate to us somehow, and teach us lessons. They also teach us different vocabulary terms and how to use them. Reading stories like Romeo and Juliet and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland also let us experience different types of literature.

II. Nonfiction
A. My English II class this year studied three very different examples of nonfiction. 1. The World Geography Textbook- Our geography textbook has a professional tone. The organization of the textbook had headers and sections, which makes finding the information you need easier to find. The purpose of this nonfiction is to inform. 2. The Burden of Womanhood-

3. MAUS- This personal memoir about WWII has a serious, melancholy tone. The organization of this book is set up like a story, with pictures. I believe the purpose of MAUS is to not only to inform about the events during WWII, but to also entertain. B. Studying nonfiction in classes, such as an English II class, would be very beneficial. There are so many different values gained from studying nonfiction, such as how it helps develop critical thinking as well as literary skills, broadens students vocabulary and world knowledge.
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