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Topics: Asian American, Chinese American, Filipino American Pages: 30 (6606 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Lecture 1- Stories: a core demand?
Saturday, February 8, 2014
2:42 PM
Stories: a core demand?
Children constantly ask to be read stories
The need for narrative may not be as core as.
Three parts
Minority literature
The concept of minority has been central to the very founding of American life and government Metaphors of minorities
Invisibility : lock of recognition
Notion of otherness: radical difference
WEB Dubois, the souls of Black Folk (1903)
Historian and writer
First African American to receive PhD from Harvard
Two primary ideas
:The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line." Double consciousness
Double consciousness
"It is peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by the tape of a world that looks on in Two voices of contemporary double consciousness

Two different life narrative: Jay Z up from poverty, west on the anxieties of middle class black Similar conflict, reconciling racial otherness with wealth aspiration marked by whiteness "Watch the throne: (2011)

A love letter to affluence
A negotiation between the history/experience of blackness and arrival into American dream. Poverty and wealth Hybridity
In the century passed since DuBois wrote about Double Consciousness, minority writer and artiest have engaged with the ideas in different ways. Mainly by rethinking doubleness. Not as two different, distinct selves, but rather as a combination, on overlapping a hybrid conversation Metaphors of minority

Double consciousness
On literature
What is literature? Like minority, literature is another word with multiple meanings. Every indication is as a society, we read fewer and fewer book. We play more video games, we see more movies, we are too distracted. In some ways, a class like this is to remind you why fiction novels and short stories are worthy of your time What is literature

A James woods: "Fiction is a creaseless experiment with uncollectable data" An attempt to order data with the use of story Allows us to see the wholeness of a life we cannot see in our own life Forms: Realism, modernism, post modernism

Froitzan on why he writes:
"I want to bring pleasure with everything I write…"
On minority literature- Deleuze and Guattar:
3 features
The deterriorializtion of a major language through a minor literature written in the major language from marginalized or minoritarian position The thoroughly political nature of a minor literature

It's collective, enunciation value
The aesthetic - social bind for minority writers
Do d&G limits, minority writers to be political
To create "pleasure"
Lecture 2 - On Race and Baldwin's Blues
Thursday, January 9, 2014
9:32 AM
James Baldwin (1924-87)
Novelist, essayist, social critic
Preacher in his teens, then turned away toward writing
Dual influence of art religion
Went to France early in his life to distance himself from US Class discussion: Turn to the person next to you
How does Baldwin define the blues?
How suffering is universal, everyone suffers. Sonny's particular way of handling the suffering. Brother suppress suffer. Sonny is private. Blues is Sonny's best way to express the suffering. Why does Sonny have the blues?

He is aimless, no plan. His brother has no blues because he has a job and family. What metaphor of minoritiness does Baldwin employ?
Three interrelated narratives
The story of two brothers and their family
The social context: Harlem after World War II
The blues as form and aesthetic vision
The Story
The basic plot
Narrator reads about Sonny going to jail
They communicate a little over letters
Backstory of childhood; Sonny and narrator as children; Sonny staying with Isabel when narrator is away in the army Sonny comes back to Harlem' brother go to a jazz club
Brotherly differences
Difference between brothers is...
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