Reading Packet 4 Summary

Topics: Social class, Marketing, Working class Pages: 5 (1312 words) Published: February 10, 2015

BUS 540- Marketing Management
Reading Packet 4
Weekly Summary
Josh Guiser

New Product Adoption and Diffusion- Everett M. Rogers
Much of what this article revolves around is the under- utilization and under-appreciation of diffusion research. Rogers seemingly isolates in on how useful diffusion studies can be for field like marketing, specifically when it comes to innovation of new products. This seems to serve as his theme. Innovation comes when a major breakthrough or reconceptualization occurs that allows people to look at something in a different way. Rogers describes diffusion of innovation as the method and rate at which a new idea, practice or object is communicated, or spread.

Rogers explains that diffusion studies follow the trends of scientific patterns. As a result of this characteristics diffusion studies shave been used to study the modernization occurring in developing countries, agriculture trends, and many other areas that show an importance on the way information is communicated. Studies have shown that “interpersonal communication with peers was the most frequent channel leading to persuasion.” (Rogers 292) Rogers also explains some short comings of diffusion research. He explains that diffusion studies lack accuracy because they are asking to recall feelings and information from the past that is often influenced by the future feelings and events. Diffusion studies also measure “what is” rather than “what could be”. Diffusion studies often tend to consider only the individual rather than the communication and influence the individual is subjected to by his peers. This also leads to placing the blame on individuals rather than the group which leads to bias in testing. (I.e. studying the poor because they are poor, rather than studying why the rich are not poor.) Rogers explains that the proper way to conduct diffusion research involves following the path of communication that the news about innovations take. This means take a look at the networks that the information travels through.

The question is what does diffusion research have to do with marketing? “The adoption of most innovations involves sale of a new product.” (Rogers 293). This means that companies are constantly innovating. “Marketing managers of firms have long been concerned with how to launch new products more efficiently.” (Rogers 293) In other words marketers are trying to figure out how to communicate their new product to potential customers. Even today by utilizing diffusion research marketers can determine which means of communication will most successfully reach the consumers. Should a company spend money on a TV ad, or will broadcasting through twitter and other social media sight be sufficient? Employing studies on how a company’s customers communicate with one another and the world allows companies to maintain and create customers and customer value. The Continuing Significance of Social Class to Marketing- Richard P. Coleman

In this article Coleman argues the importance of understanding the evolution and impact of social classes. A definition of social classes offered early in this piece is “classes of people who were approximately equal in community esteem, and were made up of men and women who regularly specialized among themselves, in both formal and informal ways, and shared behavioral expectations.” (Coleman 265) While the traditional view of social classes revolves around age, race, income, demographics, etc. an updated view structures social classes around lifestyles and living conditions. Either way you define the social group Coleman’s theme in this article is that social classes can and will determine purchasing decisions.

Coleman offers a number of lists of social classes. While these lists may have different names and number of classes there are some key concepts that hold true in all the grouping that are of fundamental importance for this paper. In...
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