Reaction Paper

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Reaction Paper

August 30, 2014; Saturday; 1:00pm until 3:00pm. Our group went to ZAEC Hospital which is located at the San Jose Road. Where we did our requirement to do a manual processing to produce a radiographic film that is a visible image. Before we accomplished our task, we started to pick or choose who will be the one who we should expose or examine and who will be the operator in the Operating Console. And also planned who will be the one would do the next step. We went to X-ray room and examined one of our members and learned how to use or operate the operating console. Turning on the Operating Console by pulling the center button. We can see that the Operating Console consist of Kvp major button, Kvp minor button and any other buttons, and it also looks like there is a meter above the different buttons. There is a hose that is connected to the Operating Console and that hose is the thing that we are going to half- press it in 7 seconds to expose our member. After when we finished exposing one of our member, we proceeded to the dark room to do the manual processing. Sir Khan explained the steps how to do it, another one of our member who did the manual processing to produce our radiographic film that is a visible image. The first step is to open the cassette which were the radiographic film is inside. Then the second step is to pick up the radiographic film and soak it to the bucket of the developer in 20 seconds. Check the radiographic film if it starting to produce an image if not, place it again in a few seconds. The Third step is to soak it also to the bucket of fixer. And the second to the last step is the washing event that is to remove excess chemical. And lastly the last step is to let it dry the wet radiographic film. Zainah Sabtula

Cielo Marie Guerrero
Claire Tuazon
Honey Banay banay
Annia Lutian
Shalina Hadjail
Mhudzna Tahil
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