Reaction Paper

Topics: African American, White people, Historically black colleges and universities Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Reaction Paper
The Observation of groups for understanding of how groups work.

Joseph Custis
Wilmington University

In my group dynamics class I was ask to observe a group in a social setting. I chose to observe my race and ethics class in new castle. The class had an Italian teacher from philly with a very strong personality. Only three males that happened to be black both older but come from three different walks of life. The first is a 34 year old from New York military background and married to a white woman. The second one is a 31-year-old male from Delaware a Historically Black College graduate and has also a military background. The last is a 23 year old from philly and from what I understand with a troubled background. There is five females in this class three of them are white and two black. In a class studying this type of material it seems the females are very uncomfortable speaking about this. So the class is very male dominated which as far as I can observe is the way the females prefer it on this topic. The following paper is set to break down the dynamics of the group setting in this class of far as I can view.

The teacher in the class as I described earlier has a very dominant personality. First and foremost the professor takes the role of the Initiator/Contributor with delivering his ideas and logic as the basis for the class. The thing with this is a 60 year white male is going to view race, even more race in America different. The thing I found the most amusing about this situation is this. The professor begins the first class by going in depth with a ten-page syllabus. Single purpose of this is to eliminate the information seeker and opinion seeker trying to strengthen is limited information. So the only true roles the students can really take is Elaborators and give examples and make the professor go more in depth with his points. The black male that is the HBCU graduate plays as a Coordinator and attacks many...
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