Masamang Naidudulot Ng Mga Ofw Sa Relasyon Ng Pamilya

Topics: Medical imaging, Radiography, X-ray Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Last week, we have given the opportunity to take tour in the Davao Doctors Hospital to see the Specializations in Radiologic Technology such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Nuclear Medicine and etc. After seeing the different modalities, I felt happy because it is my first time to take a look and encounter any kinds of machine. Before, I was expecting that being a radiologic technologist is a hard job. But then when I had given the chance to see and know what their works are, I felt it was exciting and fun. They’re just sitting over, waiting for the patient, assessing and controlling only the computer for the results of the x-ray of the patient and then they have their high salary. So I was so excited to be called a radiologic technologist even if we are finding our studies very hard. As someone in the hospital said, “We all know that being a Radiologic technology student is expected to have a hard college life because of its hectic schedule and hard major subjects. But look at us now, think of it. We had also our experiences, trials and obstacles while we are studying but we are encouraged to graduate and passed our course and have our job. When you have your work, you will be relieved and feels relaxing like us. So our advice to you is don’t shift to other course and learn to love our field.” I was inspired by then.

They say, that kind of work was not that easy because we might be exposing accidentally in the radiation. But nowadays, since we are now living in a modern and high-technology society. We are now secured and safety by simply following the rules and instructions, and also we must know the procedures of how will we do our works well. I believed that being radiologic technologist is not that hard if we are focus to our studies especially in major subjects. It will be less hard when being studied and being learned. As what I have observed in the hospital referring to the facilities and the works of the technologist, In...
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