Rap And Hip Hop Essay

Topics: African American, Black people, Race, Police, Racism, Police brutality / Pages: 3 (569 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2016
Art is a form of expression that is crafted together with imagination, skill and expressive views. Rap and Hip-Hop were born out of the frustration that African Americans experienced during the Ronald Reagan presidency. Reagan’s policy of Reaganomics disadvantaged the poor but specifically the black people. In response, the oppressed used rap and hip-hop as a way to express themselves. Since then, rap has branched out to many different genres and messages. Dating since the birth of rap, musicians have used hip-hop as a platform to discuss a range of topics including race, gender roles, politics and socio-economic disparities. Rap is a form of art because it is used to express different emotions and views. When making art, in this case music, …show more content…
while Hip-Hop is considered the lifestyle. Russell Simmons, the co-founded Def-Jam Records, once said that “art allows people a way to dream their way out of their struggle”. When people get frustrated or are in hard times, they can use art in whatever form to help them emotionally or socially. Many musicians manipulate their music in order to serve as a reflection to what's happening in their lives or in other parts of the world. Music is an outlet for musicians to imagine a better place aside from the hardships that they have been through. Dr. James Patterson, a Hip-Hop scholar, said that “the culture or the energy that came from that was a very improvisational energy, a very sort of reclaiming energy that young folks, through dance, through rapping and deejaying and so on and so forth, that is how the culture took hold”. Hip-Hop is also a culture with many different aspects.
Hip-Hop is one of the greatest and most effective forms of expression and a big form of art. Hip-Hop is not only a genre, but also a lifestyle and culture not just to the black community but all people who can relate to the themes of experiencing oppression and finding joy in a struggle. With over 20 billion tracks, Hip-Hop is the most listened to genre of music in the world and also the greatest way for people to express themselves to their

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