History Of Hip Hop

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Hip-hop is one of the most diverse dance. Much of early hip-hop was unrecorded because hip-hop culture was very experimental and many considered it just messing around.(The origins of hip-hop 26) Hip-hop was invented in the mid-1970’s by many people. It was first seen on the streets of New York. Grandmaster Flash was one of the inventors of hip-hop. (The Break Master) Many people created hip-hop on the streets of New York in the mid-1970’s.
Hip-hop was first seen on the streets of New York. “I liked the breakdowns, so I decided I would extend it by getting another record… I went right to it.”(The Break Master) No one dance to his music because it was different. His feelings got hurt and he went home and cried for days. Hip-hop was created as modern hip-hop, but now it is not modern, it is just hip-hop! People kept showing people how to do the dance, but no one did it because they didn’t know that they are doing. He put different turntables together to...

The hip-hop music genre escort in a culture of DJing, breakdancing, rapping and graffiti writing. (Mazzei 6-12) People think hip-hop is just people moving their body, specifically legs and arms. It is everything even your brain! Amazing right? “Hip-hop is a genre of music featuring stylized rhythmic music that accompanies rapping.” (The Origins of Hip-hop 26) Don’t just go around saying ‘I can do hip-hop! Wanna see?’, because really have you gone to a dance studio and actually learned hip-hop, probably not! Hip-hop acquires you to learn hip-hop in a dance studio and stay there for a few years.
Yes, maybe three or four hundred people don’t like hip-hop but it doesn’t mean everyone in the whole entire world doesn’t like hip-hop. Hip-hop has many things that go with it. Grandmaster Flash cried for days, but he still is happy he actually invented something. Hip-hop wasn’t just created by one person, it was created by...
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