Racism at Workplace

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Racial Inequality at workplace
Job-level segregation, Although less common now than in the past, discriminatory behaviors in the workplace is increasing, African Americans still face unique problems in dealing with oppressive attitudes, policies, and culturally insensitive practices. The workplace increasingly is more diverse than ever before. For decades African Americans, were excluded from participating in most of the desirable jobs and institutions. Some of the major problems African Americans face include discrimination at workplace that sometimes leads to poverty.(Queralt, 1996). In 1994, Richard J. Herrnstein & Charles Murray revived this view in their controversial book, the Bell Curve(Herrnstein & Murray, 1994) in which they argued that the low IQ scores of African Americans, reflect their ethnic inferiority in the area of intelligence. Africans low innate intelligence accounts for their poverty and other problems. Blacks and other people of color are usually stereotyped as less intelligent and have other innate flaws that keep them from getting a good education and otherwise doing what needs to be done to achieve the American Dream. The lack of success of other people of color stems from the failure of their own cultures to value these attributes. African Americans’ poverty is due to their lack of motivation and willpower. (Murray, 1984) The majority of white Americans work in jobs filled only by others of their own racial group. African Americans, because they are a minority of the total labor forcw, are more likely to have white co-workers, but they still tend to work in organizations where many of the co-workers in similar jobs are also African Americans. African Americans contribute to their hiring African Americans for low-level and low-paying jobs exclusively, ignoring their potential experience or qualifications for higher level jobs. Administrators who rely on personal connections recruiting limit potential applicants only to their...
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