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2.05 separating rock and pop
Many song lyrics during the 1960s reflected the social and political issues. Some songs were explicit protest songs against war, racial discrimination, and political corruption. In some ways, the inclusion of these concerns in music helped to create a separation between rock and pop music. With lighter, more carefree topics and themes, pop music was accessible to a wider range of the population than the rock songs that were promoting particular social or political beliefs •Another feature of the popular music of the 1960s was the so-called British invasion. Some of the British bands of the time were modeled on the successful American bands, particularly in the areas of producing recordings and touring to promote the recordings. In the 1960s, some of these British groups became influential in North America as well. The biggest group of the British Invasion was, of course, the Beatles. While the Beatles sometimes sang about social issues, they also had songs with catchy lyrics and melodies. This would be the centerpiece of pop music through the next several decades.

Between 1973 and 1978, the music industry doubled in size. One of the effects of this change was that the various genres of music became increasingly separated, as record companies marketed artists and albums within a particular genre. Definitions of "rock" music became narrower, further separating that genre from what was known as "pop" music

One musical genre that developed in the 1970s was disco. Although disco began outside of mainstream America, it ended up crossing over into mainstream pop music. Mixing "soaring" vocals with a beat that encouraged dancing, disco became the dance music of the decade. The music often had 100 to 130 beats per minute (a relatively fast tempo) and the pulse of the rhythm was often emphasized.

2.06 The 80’s

Technology again shaped pop music during the 1980s. Musical instruments such as the synthesizer and drum...
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