Btec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Unit 19 Music in Technology

Topics: Music industry, Recording studio, Recording Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Unit 19 – Music & Society
Over the past three decades, in the recording studio a widespread of technical changes have occurred. This has changed music on a whole. Factors such as studio production, the role of the producer and the recording engineer have also been altered durastically in music by technology. The Internet, digital formats and industry progressions are known to have caused changes too. Particularly, the computer industry introduced many digital technologies over these decades. At the same time, the music industry changed as did customer habits. As a result, current production practices have been shaped by several outside influences that include both technical and business factors. Since the 70’s, the computer, music, and audio industries have begun to influence one another. Over the past few decades there have been many changes in the Music Industries; many changes which have impacted studio production. Throughout recording history the music industry’s part has been to make a profit of recorded music. The commercial advertising and distribution of recorded music is definitely the greatest motivating factor driving both the audio and recording industries. This is a result of changes in the sales of recordings lead to changes in the adoption of technology and also to the development of studio production. Major labels control most of the market which is why we have a lot of what we call “mainstream” music. There are independent labels, but Major labels basically still control what music is recorded and distributed. The music industry has come a long way since those dreadful days of the mono recordings. Back then, artists, producers, and engineers didn't have as much of a choice of what equipment that would use to get their recordings done. With the advancement in technology and new innovations constantly being created in the music industry, the opportunities are endless. If you look up the definition of technology you will see the words industry...
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