Questionnaire For Family Paper

Topics: Family, Health, Obesity Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: April 1, 2015
Questionnaire for Family Paper

Value/Health Perception:
What do you consider to be healthy?

Answer: Clear healthy complexion and color, normal body weight/fair amount of body fat, without significant physical pain.

How does the family usually make decisions about health promotion and disease prevention?

Answer: The father makes most of the health decisions with the mom backing the father.

How knowledgeable is the family about risk factors and developmental milestones?

Answer: The family somewhat had had an understanding of risk factors such as teenage pregnancy and accidental deaths.

How do family members describe whether their health behavior is constructive or destructive? How do family members recognize signs and symptoms of deteriorating health? How do family members decide when medical attention is necessary? Who makes the decisions about when to seek health care?

What factors contribute to delays from time of onset to time of treatment? How long do families wait before seeking care?
How do the significant cultural beliefs affect health or illness?

Sleep and Rest
What are the usual sleeping habits of the family?
What are the usual hours established for sleeping?
Who decides when and how children go to sleep?
Do family members take naps or have other regular means of resting or relaxing? How early does the family rise? What are the patterns related to bedtime and rising? Do all family members have the same general sleep-rest pattern? Is there a family member with sleep disruption?

Does anyone in the family have bowel issues?
What does a normal bowel pattern mean to you?
Is there a history of bowel issues in the family?

What do you consider a healthy diet?
Do you consider your current diet healthy and if not what changes do you need to make? How is food viewed?
What kinds of food are typically consumed?
What kinds of foods are typically consumed?
Who eats together at mealtimes?
How food...
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