Question and Career Aptitude Test

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Section 7 Study Questions (9.0 points)

Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary.

Lesson 1 (3.0 points)

1. What is a lifestyle? (0.5 points)
A life style is a way of living that shows the belief and opinions of a person or group

2. What is the process of earning your income sometimes called? (0.5 points) Earning a living

3. Name at least two industries. (1.0 points)
Primary industries and manufacturing industries

4. What is an internship? (0.5 points)
Temporary job that helps you gain work place skills

5. What is a career aptitude test? (0.5 points)
Is an exam that asks questions about thing you enjoy.

Lesson 2 (3.0 points)

1. What are classifieds? (0.5 points)
Where people can post open positions

2. What is telecommuting? (0.5 points)
is when an employee is allowed to work from a location that isn’t at the company's location

3. What information should a resume provide? (0.5 points)
Your job experiences

4. What is a cover letter? (0.5 points)
A page that is sometimes attached to a resume

5. Name at least two finance careers. (1.0 points)
risk manager

Lesson 3 (3.0 points)

1. What is pessimism? (0.5 points)

2. What is conformity? (0.5 points)

3. What might you consider when you’re studying the dynamics of a group? (0.5 points)

4. What is active listening? (0.5 points)

5. What is a stereotype? (0.5 points)

6. What is professional development? (0.5 points)
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