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Topics: Question, Learning, Innovation Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: April 20, 2015

Your Innovation Potential: The 5 Skills
By: Tina Campos
David Catoe

View the "Your Innovation Potential: The 5 Skills” video located in the Week One learning activities. Based on the video, answer the following questions in 350 words or less: Am I an innovator? Why or why not?

Do I possess innovative skills? If so, which ones?
What skills do I need to acquire or improve upon to be more innovative? How do I propose to utilize these skills in the future?

After watching the video of “The 5 Skills”, I would have to say that I am not an innovator, the reason that I am saying this is because I am not a creative person to think of things in such a way or what type of questions to ask. I would be askign questions, but at the same time I would still be questioning myself wondering if I am asking the right ones. In regards to possessing innovative skills, I believe I don’t know have any, but that is asking myself, that doesn’t not mean others may think different or see that I do have any innovative skills. I guess the one innovative skill that I may have would be asking “questioning” that is because I can ask a lot of questions, whether they are dumb or the right ones, I am not afraid to ask questions. I believe I would have to acquire the other four skills in order to be a great innovator. Without them I know as an innovator I would be successful. Once I learn more about the five skills and how they are a asset in order to be a great innovator, then I would put the 5 skills in place as I plan for any kind of innovation in order to have a great product. All 5 skill are important steps and if they are not practice then you will not be a great innovator.
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