Quebec Sovereignty Movement

Topics: Quebec, Canada, Quebec sovereignty movement Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: January 14, 2012
Quebec Sovereignty Movement
The separation movement of Quebec has been a constant headache to Canadian government for decades of years. As Quebec’s main resident population speaks French, there are inevitably many clashes between French and English cultures. Historically, Quebec was not first colonized by British immigrants but the French, and claimed as French territory in 1608. In 1663, under the reign of Louis XIV, it became French royal colony, and named as New France. In order to firmly seize this piece of land, French and British militaries fought with each other for quite a long time until 1763, ending up in the victory of Great Britain and France’s surrender. However, Britain’s military success failed to repel France’s influence away. People there still kept living in French traditions. Considering these factors, Quebec is more than an ordinary province in Canada. From the angles of history, language, culture and tradition, it remains a relatively independent part of Canada. Inheriting the custom from France, Quebec is already like a foreign country with its own language, culture and civil laws. The French in Quebec do not like the English. Even those French who will vote "no" in the referendum are not true federalists. They are motivated only by economic considerations or fear of change. So a great many French descendants clamor for independence from Canada to be totally a nation of French culture. Since the blood of French nationality refuses to be mixed with Anglo-Canadians, the issues of Quebec have become serious problems for Canadian authorities. Canada adopts a unique politician system, which is named as West Minster Mode, combining American federalism and British parliamentary system. Before Canada became an independent country in 1982, it had no rights to establish its own constitution or make amends to it. All written laws used as constitution were the heritage from British parliament. Besides, according to Canadian constitution, the...
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