Relations Between French and English Canadians

Topics: Quebec, Canada, French language Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Relations between French and English Canadians
Over the years, French Canadians have shown their dissatisfaction of their treatment with respect to English Canadians, the Canadian government and the ROC. Due to this, the relationship between English and French Canadians has been heavily strained. The conscription crisis of 1917 was a major event causing tensions between French and English Canadians. During this time very few French Candians volunteered to go to war as their loyalty sided with Quebec and the French rather than with the British and the ROC. With many Canadian soldiers dead and wounded from overseas battle, Prime Minister Borden was forced to turning to conscription as a means of increasing the number of soldiers. Although Borden had promised against conscription, in 1917 he set out the Military Services Act. Although all French Candaian MP’s were opposed to this act, as they believed the French owed nothing to Britain, the act was passed and conscription was set. This enraged French Canadians and in Montreal violence and rioting took place. Although the war ended only a few months later, for years to come a wedge would be put between the French and English Canadians. Later on in 1968 the Parti Quebecois was formed by Rene Levesque, which would highlight the difference in views between French and English Candians. The main goal of the PQ was to make Quebec a soveirgn nation as well as protection of the French language in Canada. Under Rene Levesque’s provincial government bill 101 was passed. This would set the official language of Quebec as French, meaning Canadian made products would be written in French, and government processes as well as businesses had the right to be carried out in French. This goes to show the strong nationalistic pride of French Canadians as well as the difference in views between French and English Canadians. Also in the 1960’s, a group called the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) was formed. The FLQ was...
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