Qualities Needed to Be a Doctor

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Qualities needed to be a doctor?
* Dedication
* One of the primary requirements in order to become successful is to have an immense desire in the medicine at the same time to a passion help people. A doctor of medicine is responsible to cure the patient based on the medical principles he learned from school and internship.  * Hardwork

* A doctor of medicine should also possess the quality of a hardworking person. Becoming a physician involve lots of preparation. First, you have to take a 4 year science-based degree from a high standard university. You should be diligent in school in order to obtain good grade point average, which is one of the requirements when taking an admission test in medical school for another 4 year medical studies. After which, you may now be ready for residency so as to be exposed to various medical disciplines at the same time decide what specialization to choose. Hospital training lasts for 3 to 8 years, depending on your chosen specialty.  * Patience

* Let’s admit it. No matter how well you are in executing all the medical disciplines you learned from the medical school and during your residency, there will always come a time wherein you will fail to save your patient from death. And when this happens, distressed families of the patient might blame you for the death of their relatives. You will also sacrifice your time and energy for the care of your patients. This is the reasons why it is very important for a medical doctor to have enough patience.  * Frugal

* Money is another reason why medical students fail to become a successful physician. We all know the tuition fee for medical studies is more expensive than generally other professions. The need to buy those medical equipments hands-on experience is likewise necessary. The stethoscope and blood pressure device are just some of the basic instruments used for medical practice. And when getting a license, it is another expense too especially when you decide to have a board examination. Thus, if you learn to spend your money wisely, achieving your dream is not impossible. * Competence

* A successful doctor should be competent and confident enough. So to maintain high levels of competency and confidence, you have to continuously be updated with new information regarding medical science and apply it vigorously for the benefit of the sick.  * Gentle

* One of the pledges the doctors made when they get their license is to treat their clients with tender loving and care. Thus, they should at all times be gentle in diagnosing, treating, advising, and giving prescriptions to their patients. * Responsible

* A doctor of medicine has a big responsibility to cure whatever abnormalities a patient have and as much as possible save the person from death. All of these responsibilities are stated in the Hippocratic Oath – a traditional rite wherein medical doctors swear to practice medicine with integrity. Thus, you should at all time be responsible in every action you make because a single mistake is equivalent to a lawsuit. 

It is as important for doctors to be able to communicate well with patients, carers and colleagues, as it is to sew up a wound or read an X-ray. There is no single set of characteristics that makes a good doctor. Medicine includes a wide range of people, working in very varied roles. As in any strong team, it needs players with different aptitudes that complement each other. Comments from doctors and students suggest that these are some personal qualities you may need to draw on. You don't necessarily need them all, but do you recognise something of yourself here? * A concern for people

Do you care about the people around you and what happens to them? * An enquiring mind
Do you always want to find out more about things that interest you? And do you analyse and update the knowledge you already have? * An interest in people
Are you curious about how other people think and...
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