Comparing and Contrasting Nurses and Doctors

Topics: Physician, Nursing, Medicine / Pages: 3 (700 words) / Published: Oct 18th, 2010
Nursing and Doctors Doctors and nurses both make a huge difference in our lives. Even though they are very different one would not be able to function without the other. Most people think that nurses are just doctors who don’t get paid as much or doctors can easily do a nurses job if they wanted to. They receive different schooling, they work together but their individual jobs are different, and their salaries are very different. But they both work to service you and keep us healthy. To be a registered nurse (RN) you have to attend four years of nursing school, normally all at one school. While there is also the opportunity for them to get their graduate degree and continue on for four more years, most are satisfied with their RN. Their first year of school is where they take all their core classes, such and psychology, statistics, and all their sciences. The next three years are all about experience. A clinical is when you go into an actual hospital to learn. Instead of learning about each branch of medicine all in a classroom, they go into a hospital and interact with real patients and treat real illnesses and injuries. Once they finish their schooling they are ready to work in any hospital in almost any department. Doctors are always narrowed down to one specific field. This is determined during their schooling. To become a doctor you need to attend at least eight years of college. Four of those years are to receive your Bachelor’s degree. During those four years you take all of your core classes, which include a lot of psychology and philosophy and about three levels of many different sciences. After you graduate you then have to apply to medical school. This is often an entirely different college. You take in depth courses on each branch of medicine, which normally takes about four more years. These courses involve a lot of memorization of every common and uncommon illness and their symptoms. After their final four years, they get their experience in a

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