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Topics: Time, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Mashup Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: October 9, 2014
Bates 1 Quaker Up The 2014 issue of the “Redbook Magazine” has a Quaker ad. The ad is a picture of a box of chocolate and salted caramel big chewys. It is the picture of a snack bar with chocolate bites, and caramel glazed over. The big chewys snack are floating in the air by a parachute. The sky is a perfect shade of blue and filled with white pretty clouds. The ad has huge letter that read, THE MMM MMM MMM THAT HELPS FAMILIES GO GO GO, which is talking about the Quaker bars. The ad also says Quaker chewy bars help keep all your people powered the salty sweet way. There are eight grams of whole grains are chocolaty, pretzely-caramely mash-up the whole family craves. Its how we're fighting the human energy crisis one bar at a time (Quakerup). The ad insinuates that any family that is in a rush should buy their product. It is a good healthy snack for families on the go. The ad is a good target for families that are in a rush all the time. They can just eat a Quaker bar on their way to work, school, taking your kids somewhere, or really anywhere. It also targets young people that aren't always home to eat all the time, even people trying to eat healthy. The #Quakerup is a hash tag and it targets people that keep up with social media. It shows people that Quaker is also up to date on their social media. Everyone that puts that on their social media the hash tag #Quakerup will show on their page or wall and its pretty much free advertisement for Quaker products. The product is something fast and easy. The ad tries to persuade people by the saying MMM MMM and families GO GO GO. Its a fast and easy treat that the whole family will love. The ad tells us how many grams there are in a bar. It explains what the Quaker bar will...

Cited: Quaker. Advertisement. Redbook July. 2014: Print.
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