Compare and Contrast

Topics: McDonald's, Cookie, Family Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Woman’s day vs. The New Yorker.
No matter where you go, as consumers, you see ads everywhere whether is on a billboard, magazine, commercials on TV, or a newspaper. Advertisers put ads in magazine to sell certain products to the readers. Such as in the Woman’s Day magazine they have ads that have to do with families such as the McDonalds ad, and in the magazine The New Yorker they have ads that sell products that are semi expensive because some of the richer people would probably be reading that magazine. Their ads that they put in their magazines are ads that would attract their audiences and readers to go buy those products.

In the magazine Woman’s Day they put an ad that is family oriented. There is a mother and daughter and they are holding a happy meal and looking happy. The daughter has dark hair and it’s in pigtails with a red ponytail. She is wearing a strip shirt with a red trim with blue jeans, with a necklace that’s yellow and red and a couple bracelets that are red. The mother has dark hair, it’s curly. She is wearing a white shirt that has red flowers and a green cardigan with blue jeans and silver earrings. There is a white background with black text that tells you what buying a Happy Meal from McDonalds will do and what it goes to. The ad looks naturally lit, not to bright and not to dark. Underneath the text is two pictures, one of a mother and daughter and the daughter is sick and the other one is of the Ronald McDonald house.

Though the magazine Woman’s Day is less expensive it is family oriented and mostly for women which is why they probably put the ad in the magazine that is directed toward mothers. In the ad the mother is happy because she is glad that when she buys her daughter a Happy Meal. The money goes to families that need it most and it helps over 6,000 families that benefit from the Ronald McDonald house Program. Anybody that views this ad knows what buying a Happy Meal will do so maybe they will go out and buy one for their...
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