Quado Systems Case Study

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Case Study Quado Systems
In order to make a decision about The Taylor Corporation project Quad Systems management should evaluate all pros and contras. I suggest to do SWOT analysis of the project versus the company to accomplish this goal. * Strength:

* Better price – Despite inability to estimate exact total price for implementing new Internet system, Quad assumes they can offer better price for Taylor Corporation. “Quado had a much lower overhead than the larger systems integration firms and a low price offer might be considered the cost of entry for Quado into this growing business.” This is extremely important consideration for the project because as was mentioned in the case, “being a retail organization, the company is fairly price-sensitive and willing to accept a bit more risk in order to save a dime.” This means that Quad has significant advantage assuming that Taylor Corporation estimated costs were $750,000 in comparison with Synectic’s $9 million. * Some experienced employees in the squad - Quado has several people who have the requisite experience from previous jobs. * Cooperative approach – Customers of small/middle system integrators have a lot of involvement with their projects and they get to work with senior people. The large systems integration firm can be frustrating to their clients at times when they send 20 people to do a project and don’t involve the customer. * Higher quality - The smaller firms tend to attract top-level, experienced talent because these individuals are confident in their ability due to their experience. “They also have the opportunity to make a big return should the company successfully go public.” This may make smaller firms more attractive to customers because of the quality of the human resources put on each project. * Experience in change management – Understanding how end users would want to interact with the system and organizational issues associated with building and supporting...
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