Punishment and Children

Topics: Punishment, Child, Childhood Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: December 14, 2012

From many centuries, beating was the most popular way of punishing children and then it was normal, good and effective way. How does it look like today? Should parents punish their children? I think yes, but beating them it's not a good way. Today, I would like to persuade you that punishing children from early years has positive effects on them in the future. I will be not talking about beating because I'm totaly against of that. I will try to persuade you that other ways of punishing are more effective.

Let's start from the definition. What is the punishment? Punishment is meted out by a parent or legal guardian in the process of child's upbringing. Its purpose is to prevent the recurrence of inappropriate behavior of a child. What are the causes of childrens‘ rudeness? There is alwasy a cause of rudeness. The most common are: the more child tries, the more setbacks he has or when children want to get someone's attention, ex. when child thinks that his or her younger sister or brother is more importat. What is more, children should know about the system of proportial values. Child should know that the punishment is something natural, it is always next to reward and it is up to the child whether they will be punished or rewarded. It allows to maintain a balance so that child will not fall into the complexes. Parents must remember that children not always know what they do and if it's right or wrong.

How to punish that children can understand their mistakes and fix them – 8 steps. 1. Find the cause of bad behavior. Before you punish your children, find the cause why he did something bad, talk with him and try to explain what he did wrong. 2. When a child will do something wrong, rebuke them. Tell that it was not good behavior. Give clear messages. 3. Children should know what are the consequences of bad behavior. 4. Don't shout. Try to punish children without emotional...
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