D2 unit 44

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Whilst on my level 3 course I completed work experience at Rainbow Nursery and St Anns Primary School (Nursery/Year One).

During my first few weeks at my placement at St Anns, I worked with year 1 pupils and nursery pupils. My role at the nursery was to help the children with their school work and supervise them during lessons and breaks, as well as tidying the classroom. My time at St Anns improved my effectiveness as a career in three ways. It taught me how to behave around children. When I first started working at St Anns, I was still incredibly shy and was not sure how to interact with the children but through observing the permanent staff there. I learnt that you should always try to be happy around them, you cannot bring any personal issues to work with you if you are working around children as they are very intuitive and will quickly pick up on the fact that you are unhappy it will affect them and make them upset.

I took part in PE classes with the year one’s with at St Anns. The teacher gave the children instructions as how to move around the gym. For example, the teacher told them to walk or run slowly around the gym like an animal or try and make different shapes with their bodies. Whilst the children were taking part so did I and the teacher to make the activity enjoyable and to encourage the children. Unexpectedly the children became over excited and started to mess around, I had to help calm them down which was a little difficult as I was just a student in the class. This helped me learn how to be authoritative and command respect by telling them how to quieten down and tell them why they should calm down. Also I have learnt from this that you must always tell children why you are telling them off, as they will start to learn to look at things from a different viewpoint.

I learnt that you have to be firm and persistent with children if they are to take you seriously and learn to behave. Otherwise they will keep behaving badly and will...
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