Ptlls Task 1

Topics: Environment, Highway Code, ACT Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Role, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning Unit CU3812: Task 1 Outcome 1: Understand own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning| 1.1 | Select two key pieces of legislation, one Regulation and one COP and summarise the key aspects of each in relation to the teaching/training role. | Health and Safety at work ac1974. This Act provides a framework for ensuring the health and safety of all employees in any work activity. It also provides for the health and safety of anyone who may be affected by work activities such as YP and visitors to educational sites, including parents and contractors. Part of my role is to ensure risk assessments are performed regarding the sessions and activities I deliver and to ensure a pro-active approach to maintaining hazard free environments and working practices.In relation to my role all staff and YP are given an H&S induction and regular updates on safety. The H&S poster, insurance, safety inspection certificated, Fire evacuation plans, first aiders names and location of first aid boxes are displayed for all to read. We also make sure everyone knows the relevant PPE required for each activity. A regulation that works alongside this act is,Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.These regulations deal with physical conditions in the workplace and require employers to meet minimum standards in relation to a wide range of matters, which include:maintenance of buildings and equipment,lighting,provision of drinking water,temperature,ventilation,Toilet facilities.In relation to my role this Regulation ensures a safe and suitable working environment for all users including staff, YP and Visitors.As a tutor it is my responsibility to ensure that the environment is safe and suitable for the users. This can be achieved by ensuring risk assessments are up to date, Ensuring all safety equipment and lifting tools are checked regularly...
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