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Legislative Requirements

By ambshenshaw Jan 29, 2011 391 Words
The purpose of this assignment is to identify the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice for teaching within the animal care sector. As a teacher within the establishment, it is my responsibility to ensure that none of my students are disadvantaged, by taking into account the Equal opportunity legislation, formally known as the Equality Act 2010, which came into force on the 6th October. It states that “no one is to be discriminated against irrespective of age, ethnic origin, gender, race, nationality, disability or domestic circumstances” the Equality act also replaces the Disability discrimination act. It would be my responsibility as a teacher, to ensure that any resources such as handouts and other learning material are free from bias (Wilson 2008 Pg 21 chap 1). Being in part, a vocational course, the health and safety at work act 1974 would be a key legislative requirement, as an educator I would be expected to demonstrate a model of best practice for my students to look up to and follow, subsequently, The management of Health and safety at work regulations 1999 would also be another piece of legislation which would be particulary relevant

Furthermore, as an educator by law I have a duty of care towards my students, the legislation states that as teachers if you are proven negligent, you may have to compensate the injured party, not only does this apply to individuals but the organisation as well, I would have to ensure that whilst providing learners the opportunity to experiment and develop independence, it would have to be achieved in a safe working environment. Reporting of injuries diseases and dangerous occurrences 1995 is also relevant, being an educator in a potentially hazardous environment, more commonly known as RIDDOR, and states that certain incidents are reportable by law, they must be reported to the health and safety executive and the local authority,

An example of this being if hospital treatment is needed to be administered to a student following an activity, the educational establishment should have clear guidelines on how to report incidents. There are numerous legislative requirements which as an educator I would have to adhere to. Wilson (2008) states that whilst some of these aspects need only awareness of context, many of them will impact on your first teaching experience, therefore require a detailed knowledge.

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