Ptlls Learning Journal Day One

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Learning Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: March 26, 2011
The main points I have learnt from this session are:
looking at ice breakers as a way of learners becoming more relaxed with each other and also as a way of beginning to interact with each other, ensuring that the topics are relevant to the learners and that they are not too controversial or likely to cause offence etc., they also encourage team work and inclusion •They are also a way of establishing trust within a group and reducing nervousness (apprehension) •We looked at training cycles and the various aspects such as identifying needs, planning and designing, delivering or facilitating, assessing and evaluating How could I develop my practical skills as a result of this session? •Be more conscious of the reactions of others and giving them an opportunity to express their opinions rather than doing all of the talking and making assumptions about what people are thinking •Planning and designing work or tasks that need to be carried out •Everyone has a different personal construct system and being aware of the skills and personal experience of others in terms of its impact on how they relate to others •Being aware of total communication from others i.e. verbal and non verbal communication as well as body language, look at mirroring people’s body language or having a more relaxed way of communicating information if relevant How could I develop my knowledge and understanding as a result of this session? •I could carry out further study on personal construct systems •Look at how transactional analysis impacts people

Look at various learning styles and when using them is most appropriate •Being aware of the checks and balances that are in place to see if learners are actually assimilating information, could be in the form of short quizzes at various stages in the course •Also receiving feedback could be feedback on course, feedback on lecturer, feedback on topic, feedback on venue (depending on if own venue or if hired venue)....
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