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PTCL is a prevailing business, which has been for decades. It went through some major restructuring eras of which 1996 and 2006 are the most prominent. PTCL was incorporated in 1996 and the new management took control of PTCL in 2006 by buying its 26% ordinary shares. Our main focus in this report is to check the working of HR department of PTCL. PTCL today offers the widest range of services to its customers. PTCL has laid an Optical Fiber Access Network in the major metropolitan centers of Pakistan and local loop services have started to be modernized and upgraded from copper to an optical network. This report is being started with the brief and complete introduction of organization, its historical background, its services and its products. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the primary provider of Telecommunication services in Pakistan. The range of services include basic telephony, telegraph, fax, telex, Public data, Internet, E-mail, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Universal Access Numbers (UAN), and other value added services. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is a professionally managed company and has initiated measures, with active support of the Federal Government, to use a corporate culture that benefits company. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited believes that it has an inherent potential that it can exploit to emerge as an important and active business entity. I have described the overall working of PTCL regarding all departments at regional level and cooperate level. I have completely observed the company management system in detail, its management styles, procedure of operations. I have a comprehensive analysis of the marketing of PTCL in which I completed the four P’s of marketing mix. I have also done financial analysis of PTCL, its accounting and finance procedures with the help of trend analysis and ratio analysis. I have also done a comprehensive analysis of the working of HRM department and details of the employees their incentive, benefits, and compensation. Find out their weaknesses and give suggestions for improvements.

Human Resource Management practices followed by the company were seen practically whether the company adopted them according to the international labour law standards or not. My Internship report contains all the information about my work experience in PTCL. As an Intern, I spent good time in learning. I learnt to deal with different situations and have experiences of the organizations working environment which affects an employee performance and attitude towards work and had good time in learning and performing duties as HR Intern.

Over view of the organization:
Pakistan remains one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world and PTCL is the oldest and foremost part of this market. It has been serving the nation since the times of the formation of Pakistan. The series of changes through which PTCL has passed through in the history is described below:

Pakistan Post & Telegraph (P&T):

In the beginning, both the postal and telecommunication services were performed by a single department known as Pakistan post & telegraph (P&T). This department started its telephone services with only 12346 telephone lines and seven telegraph offices all over the Pakistan.

Pakistan Telegraph & Telephone department (T&T):

The P&T department was modified into Pakistan telegraph and telephone department in the year 1962. The present systems as well as new installations were managed by the T&T quiet efficiently.

Pakistan telecommunication department (PTC);

Telegraph and telephone (T&T) department was then converted into a statuary corporation on15th December, 1990. It had its own legal...
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