Psi Report

Topics: Probation, Security, Misdemeanor Pages: 4 (842 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Nadira A Quraishi
Submitted to-Tracy Blackwell
PSI Report part 2
26th Jan 2011

Incident Report

Date of incident: 06/04/2009 Time: 12.30 PM
Name of the defendant: John Doe
Address: 2804 Emil ct, Woodbridge, VA 22191
Phone Number(s): 586-765-7896
Date of birth: 12/03/1987male: √ Female ___ Name of injured person: Jonathan Douglas
Details of incident: Defendant and his friend went to the same store where he was arrested previously for shoplifting. He threw a beverage to the security’s face and slapped him. Defendant got really angry when he saw the security. Defendant thinks he was responsible for his arrest in the past because the security caught him for shoplifting. As the defendant is currently under supervised probation, after hitting the security personal, he technically violated the probation. Recommendation: defendant should be revoked from the current probation and he should be referred to the department of correction.

Tim Peyton Probation Officer
In The Interest Of
John Doe
M/DOB: 12/03/1987
PETTION NO: JV85-10209
LIFE NO: 11346
COMES NOW the Probation Officer and moves the Court to enter an order revoking the above-named offender’s probation and in support thereof, states to the court: 1.On the 2nd March of 2009, the Court committed the above-named offender to the custody of the probation officer because he committed shoplifting. 2.The offender has violated the following term of his probation: 3.On June 4th, 2009, in Prince William County, Virginia, the offender knowingly went to the...
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