Psychosomatic Disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Psychosomatic Disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Jennifer Havenar
San Jacinto College Central
Abnormal Psychology
May 12, 2011
Professor Vestal


Psychosomatic disorder is an illness caused by the mind of the individual rather than by an immediate physiological happening. Although it is at times, difficult to understand and include all the areas that this illness can encompass, recent research has found that Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders are a direct consequence of Psychosomatic Disorder.
Psychosomatic Disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome A general overview of Psychosomatic Disorder including the history, clinical overview of the disorder, and clinical overview of Irritable Bowel Syndrome help to better understand the dynamics of the disorders and how they correlate to one another.
A History of Psychosomatic Disorder
In the medieval times, Persian Muslim psychologist and physicians Ahmend ibn Sahl al-Balkhi and Haly Abbas developed an understanding of illness that concentrated on the mind and body correlation to illness. At the beginning of the 20th century Franz Alexander actively engaged in studies based on the association between the mind and the body. Sigmund Freud and Georg Groddeck soon shadowed with a deepening interest and research of the treatment of physical illness using psychological processes. More recent work has found a basis and useful approach due to the work done by Thure von Uexkull and many of his German colleagues. His theoretical basis has aided in the advancement of the treatment and research of psychosomatic disorders and what causes them.
Psychosomatic Disorder
The term Psychosomatic Disorder is generally used to mean ... "a physical disease that is thought to be caused, or made worse, by mental factors". This means that the disorder, having symptoms relating to a vast array of problems ranging from headaches, fatigue, psoriasis, eczema high blood pressure, heart

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