Psychology Review People to Know

Topics: Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: September 17, 2013
People To Know

1.Wilhelm Wundt: structuralism. Established psychology as a field of study separate from philosophy and natural sciences and is considered of the top fathers of psychology. Viewed mental processes as activities and classified as pleasant or unpleasant, tensed or relaxed, and excited or depressed. 2.William Ames: functionalism. One of America’s greatest philosophers. Trained in medicine. Believed that the truth of an idea can never be proved, we should focus instead on how practical or productive an idea is-its cash value. 3.Sigmund Freud: psychoanalysis. Declaration that people have little free will and are subject to the unconscious mind, sexual origins of psychological disorders. 4.Ivan Pavlov: Pavlov’s dogs. Tested that the dogs have a stimulate to tell them when to eat. For example, the clicking of bells told the dogs food was coming. 5.John b Watson: behaviorism. Famous experiment was conditioning a small child to fear a white rate by associating the rat with loud frightening sound believed people had 3 emotional reactions: fear, rage, and love. 6.B.f. skinner: behaviorism: believed behavior depended on what happened after a stimulus- an event or sensation- and not before, he called this “operant behavior”. 7.Carl Rogers: noted there are 2 types of support parents can give to their children, conditional positive regard and unconditional positive regard. Believed people shape their own personality. Rogers’s theory that the patch to self-actualization requires getting in touch with our genuine feelings and acting on them. 8.Albert bandura: show that we acquire knowledge by observing and imitating others. Observational learning. Focus on learning by observation and role of cognitive process that produce individual differences. 9.Alfred Adler: follower of Freudian psychoanalysis theory. Believed that people are basically motivated by a need to overcome feelings of inferiority. Inferiority complex. Sibling rivalry. Believed self-...
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