Historical and Behavioral Timeline

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January 9, 2013

Vanessa May
Psy 111
Historical &Behavioral Timeline

* Uterine Theory (Greek Philosopher Hippocrates) C460-377BC Hysteria is only a female disorder that is caused by displaced or “wandering” (Hippocrates) womb/uterus. * Dualism (Rene Descartes) 1596-1650

Human mind isn’t subject to laws. It’s not observable, it controls the body and the body informs the mind. * Memory Theory (Johann Andreas von Segnar) 1704-1777
The Hungarian Physicist studied short term memory. A theoretical sensory register that allows a visual image to maintain for a half to two seconds after its stimulus has subsided. * “New Anatomy of Brain” (Sir Charles Bell-Francois Magendie) 18th century Bell-Magendie law-Ventral roots of spinal nerves have motor functions, whereas the dorsal roots of spinal nerves have sensory functions. * Psychopathology (Emil Kraeplelin) late 1800s-early 1900s Kraeplelin’s theory/classification- Has two major mental health disorders caused by physiological and biological factors. 1. Dementia praecox was divided into simple, hebephrenia, catatonia and paranoia types. 2. Manic depressive psychosis has many subdivisions depending on cycles of mania and depression. * Structuralism (Wilhelm Wundt) 19th century

He founded first psychological laboratory in 1879 in Leipzig. Wundt’s views of nature of psychology became framework with which could organize facts and theories. * Darwins Theory of Laughter (Charles Darwin) 1809-1882

“A physical/physiological continuum exists in laughter ranging from the most excessive laughter, through moderate laughter, to the broad smile, and finally to the faintest smile, where all these series of movements are expressions of pleasure to differing degrees” (Darwin) A expression of satisfaction or can be used to hide shame, shyness or anger. * Biological (Roy Wise) 1982, 1988

Suggested dopamine was responsible for...

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