Psychology and Basic Life Skills

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Accept Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Which client behaviors would you have trouble accepting?

The behaviors I would have trouble accepting are those confrontations with the client on the discrepancy between what he or she claims concerns them and what they actually do about it. For a client to complain about situations but are doing nothing about it would be hard for me to accept because nothing is going to change unless you take the first step to help it change.

Do you readily seek help from others when you need it?

I do now for the well being of my children. I have learned valuable lessons on judging others because they need assistance. I recently lost any income coming in to my home and I not only had my husband and I to think about I had my children. My pride had to be put on the back burner and go anywhere I could that was available to me for assistance.

What values underlie your desire to help others?

Values are important part of any person’s behavior. My values that underlie the desire to help others are to assist them in finding the right and good path in making ethical choices. My values that I feel are important is justice, fair guidance, loved, kindness, and integrity by treating everyone as an equal regardless of his or her situation.

What would you like to accomplish in human services?

I would like to accomplish helping as many people as is possible for me to do. I would like to educate the importance of education, housing, nutrition, parenting skills, teen pregnancy, medical whatever would be necessary for an individual or a family to learn the basic life skills to not be dependent on the state by making a better life for themselves.
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