Psychology 103

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Psychology 103
Final Paper
Behaviorists believe in the science of psychology through responses to the environment, operant behavior and shaping. The purpose of a museum is to protect and conserve the different artifacts that represent human history throughout the world for the sake of human knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of the beauty and wisdom from different cultures. The main principle of a Historical museum is to pass on information to future generations in order to avoid repetition of specific historical events. Although, by exposition to museums including the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Toul Slen Genocide Museum in Cambodia, or the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum in eastern China, we may very well be jeopardizing society by desensitization and rebellion. The frontal lobes are responsible for this because this is where memories are accessed and decision making is made. It is dangerous to expose certain people to these sites mainly because in this “control center”, higher mental functions are taking place in respect to each individual and their varying personality. Through memory, “accidental learning”, and No participants reported doing an internet search.
we are reenacting scenes of tragedy in hopes to avoid reoccurrence Historical museums are effective icons of positive influence and reflection.

This approach recognizes that visitors do not always come to museums to further their understanding of science and technology, but could be coming as part of a lifelong learning and entertainment process about the general topic (e.g., Star Wars) or with other agenda items in mind (e.g., supporting a child or friend’s interest or being curious).

Albert bandura bobo doll known to be one of the most famous psychology experiments in history

“dark tourism”
There appears to be an assumption that the more
visceral and realistic the experience the more...
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