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Psy 230 Appendix a

By tandy42176 Dec 12, 2010 259 Words
Axia College Material
Appendix A

Final Project Overview and Timeline

Final Project Overview

The final project for PSY 230 is a personal narrative in which you apply personality psychology theories and concepts to better understand yourself. For this project, you are expected to incorporate your understanding of personality theory with self-actualization into one reflective, personal narrative paper.

Final Project Timeline

You should budget your time wisely and work on your project throughout the course. As outlined below, some CheckPoints and Assignments in the course are designed to assist you in creating your final project. If you complete your course activities and use the feedback provided by the instructor, you will be on the right track to complete your project successfully.

□ Suggested in Week One: Read the Final Project Overview and Timeline in Appendix A.

□ Suggested in Week Three: During your social gathering observation, focus on human reaction and the influence of culture. Take notes as to how you think culture, family, religion, race, and gender influences the development of personality.

□ Suggested in Week Four: Think about where you fall in the spectrum of the Big Five trait clusters. Familiarize yourself with trait cluster terminology.

□ Suggested in Week Five: Reflect on a personal experience that you think has impacted your personality as you see yourself today. Make a list as to how you think this experience has helped your personality evolve.

□ Suggested in Week Eight: Submit a copy of your final project rough draft to the Center for Writing Excellence.

□ Due in Week Nine: Submit your final project.

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