Psw Why I Want to Be One

Topics: English-language films, Health care, Psychology Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: March 20, 2011
I think I would make a good Personal Support Worker because, I have a very caring personality and I enjoy helping other people. I have some experience that would help me in the psw field, I have a brother who has high functioning autism. At first it was a hard thing to deal with but, as I learned about the disease I found out the best ways to deal with it. Also I have babysat for many years I realize this is not completly the same thing but, you have a lot of the same responsiblities. I enjoy working with people in all aspects of life. I have very good communications skills. I work well both independently and as a part of a team. I follow direction well. My mom works as an RPN and I have been to her place of employment and I enjoy talking with the seniors that she works with. I think it will be very satisfying to work with seniors and help them with there everyday activities of daily living. Promoting independence and offering help when it is needed. The satisfaction of knowing that I have helped someone make life a little bit easier will be well worth the job done. I know that I will meet with all different types of people in the role of a PSW. Working in all areas. I know I will have the opportunity to work with children and adults and seniors and people with special needs. I will learn alot from this job. I will also have the opportunity to teach the people I work with . Creating meals and doing laundry as well as light house duties. Even the personal care making someone feel comfortable I will enjoy this part of the job as well. Choosing a career as a PSW will also gurantee that I will be able to find work in this field. Health care will always be in need of health care professionals. I am excited to get started in this course and learn the many things that I will be able learn. From giving a bath to tranfers and using lifts. I find this all very interesting and I know I will feel good at the end of the day knowing I made someones...
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